Servers Down? 19/9/12 at 7:45a.m. Central Time Zone

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User Info: bigbug1992

5 years ago#41
RJrockstar posted...

Good for your friends. It still isnt working for 80% of other season pass holders still are unable to play.

Why shouldLMG's be ignored?0.48 ADS time is just disgusting. It is even slower than snipers with huge scopes.

Riot Shield Melee is laughable indeed

I am talking about Sniper headshots here. They fixed this issue for BO1 but decided to forget about it in this game. Shows you just how "amazing" they are.

Rank drops are just annoying and it put me and a lot of my friends off zombies.. Its like saying you should be punished for not playing online, and resetting your all your challenges and camo's back by one day every day you don't play

The grenade issue is my only statement where I am actually blowing off steam. Just annoying it happened to me while I was crouched.

The 3rd person problem gives the player a false impression that the perk is actually functioning and concludes with us dying for a terrible game mechanic.

First of all. I am not talking about AOE kills with explosives, I am talking about direct sticks. ALso, rockets DO give back Scavenger ammo, if the rocket impacts directly on your target, but the crossbow doesnt, unless the impact kills your opponent straight off. This also makes the crossbow challenge "Get 5 kills with the crossbow without dying" So unneedlessly f*ucking hard because you can't scavenge, but I did it eventually.

And its obvious I haven't been b*tching enough, because all treyarch do to patch is to shut up whiners, but I haven't been whining about OP guns or that crap for that matter, I am asking for them to FIX THE GODDAMN GAME.

Also I am unaware I was on Fire, or the fact that you know I have a burned area or not. You aren't my doctor so I am going to disregard that statement.

Your turn.

80%? where did you pull that statistic from?

LMGs are heavy guns, Heavier than a sniper rifle with a huge scope. Example L96A1 Sniper Rifle with Scope Weighs about 14 lbs empty, while an M60 Machine Gun weighs a little over 23 empty. add on a large ammunitons box and ammo, plus any other attachments, its going to weigh over 30 lbs easily.

We agree on the Riot Shield Melee. End Point.

My point still stands. If you want a guaranteed one shot kill to the head, play hardcore. As far as I am concerned, every gun should be one hit kill to the head.

If you do consistently well in Zombies, you should have no problem at all maintaining your rank. I play a game maybe once every 3-4 days, and my rank has never dropped from not playing.

The Betty getting lodged between you and your shield is a problem that would be difficult to fix. I am sure it has only happened to you once or twice. Its not that big of a deal.

I was not saying that third person was solving the problem. I was only stating that if you were to watch a riot shield switch you would see one switch animation, followed by a "readying" animation. You are obviously getting killed during the readying animation, when the shield is not fully protecting you.

If you directly stick and enemy with the crossbow, and it EXPLODES, it is an explosive kill and should not give you a scavenger bag, since it is an explosive kill. Direct impact kills with the Crossbow Bolt do yield a scavenger bag, and as you said with rpg direct impact kills, they resupply because they were killed with the actual rocket, not the explosion.
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User Info: GD1003

5 years ago#42
I_am_Tidus posted...
did anyone else get deleveled due to corrupted data?

I did. I went from a level 22 1st to level 52 non. I can see the matches in theater, but all the xp I earned and challenges are gone.
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User Info: Crxlarth

5 years ago#43
Meh... I went and bought groceries and FarCry 3, so I'll play that for awhile. Some CoD later tonight I suppose...
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