What do you guys think of the maps?

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User Info: wugeezy

5 years ago#1
I am getting used to the game after about a week, starting to find my groove with guns and classes. I am having more trouble with the maps though. I still really haven't gotten used to them yet. I think its my fault though because I stay in the nuketown playlist for a long time and only play the other modes from time to time.

Still, I think I got used to the maps pretty quickly in the other games. I just am not feeling ANY of the maps. Usually I have favorites like Dome, Mission, Hardhat in MW3, Stadium and Nuketown in BLOPS, etc...

What are your favorite maps? Which are the ones you hate most?

I hope with more time I will get used to them.

User Info: FeelMyBlade

5 years ago#2
I like it.

They are all good IMO. All except that cruise ship level.
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User Info: Ivany2008

5 years ago#3
nuketown 2025, the train station level, yemen, and the cruise ship

they need to bring back firing range
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User Info: Frost_Man

5 years ago#4
They're good for the most part, with a few exceptions.

The good outweigh the bad, though, in my view. My favorite map is Standoff. I don't like Drones or Hijacked.
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User Info: FencerKid

5 years ago#5
I dislike Cargo and Plaza and Hijacked. The spawns are pretty bad.
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User Info: Gunther482

5 years ago#6
Hijacked and Yemen are the only two maps I outright dislike. Hijacked has terrible spawns and Yemen has so many windows that it's damn near impossible to move around the map.

User Info: SuperbadZameer

5 years ago#7
Aftermath is my favorite, particularly when listening to this:


I like all maps, except for stupid frikin Plaza and Raid. Although, I'm coming around more to Plaza, especially since I do well, but Raid is terrible.

Every map is constructed really really well. Best in the series next to W@W in my opinion.
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User Info: TSROCKS

5 years ago#8
These are legitmately the worst maps I have ever seen in a COD game, they make the crappy MW3 maps look good. Every map is cluttered with random passages and chest high walls that encourages people to camp since runners and people that move tactically will frequently get shot in their butt or sides. People will just camp in corners or behind walls and kill you before you can do anything about it, there are so many corners and walls in this game that you can't even check them all. I also love when a sniper or someone shoots at me so I try to retreat just to get stuck on one of the chest high walls that protrudes out of every freaking corner and it gets me killed. The worst offender is the Cruise Ship map. There is literally a bunch of chest high walls protecting the overlooks over the one sides spawn so people can just camp behind the walls and pop you as soon as you spawn. Terrible maps, there is not a single map that I get excited to see when it pops up.
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User Info: cwatz12

5 years ago#9
Almost all of them suck horribly.

There are a few passable maps. Standoff and cargo come to mind.

Somehow they even managed to screw up some of the bigger maps - which this game direly needs. Drone and aftermath are so bad.

User Info: UltraOverlord

5 years ago#10
i love nuketown, i have crazy KD ratios on that map. The other maps are decent, much better then the maps in modern warfare
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