(Poll) Now that the game has been out for a few days, rate it out of 10.

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User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

5 years ago#1
Rate Black Ops 2 out of 10. - Results (230 votes)
10% (23 votes)
2.61% (6 votes)
4.78% (11 votes)
2.61% (6 votes)
7.83% (18 votes)
8.7% (20 votes)
15.65% (36 votes)
26.52% (61 votes)
13.48% (31 votes)
7.83% (18 votes)
This poll is now closed.
With 1/10 being absolutely horrendous and 10/10 being amazing godly.
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User Info: DividerByZero

5 years ago#2
I expected the majority to be 1's.

User Info: TehTrumpCard

5 years ago#3
I'll give it a 5. Bethesda has worse console stuff pre-patching and post-patching.

The lag is terrible and sometimes players who would be dead on a working server don't die. The game freezes at least twice a day (for me).

Too many people are still camping because they don't know the maps yet which in turn makes me hate a lot of the maps that have plenty of tight quarters/possible hiding spots.

The electrical tacticals are iffy. They have nice tossing range but the leave you disturbingly vulnerable if someone has a perk that gives them immunity as they aren't even remotely stunned by it so you really don't know until it's far too late.

Zombies would be fun if it weren't for that damn fire.

Wished the fog barrier worked properly. Sometimes I'll have already left the pixels of fog I was touching and I still get attacked by the arms. Also grabbing only one part at a time. Seriously?

Grief is fun but there's no way to really prevent player revives even if it's 4 players trying to stop 1 player from reviving teammates. Not to mention anyone who isn't revived just returns next round as long as a teammate survives which causes the game to drag on unnecessarily

Worst of all though would have to be the lack of actually decent shapes.
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User Info: 2sips1rip

5 years ago#4
how can people rate a game after less than a week of playing it? I mean seriously if you're gonna do that get a job for IGN then you would be getting paid off to rate games high and would get to play what you want for fun.
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User Info: DeathWyvern

5 years ago#5

Hate all the treyarch CoD's, don't know why I talked myself into buying this pile of **** instead of halo 4. Been the same goddamn game for 6 years, only now you're rewarded more for spraying and praying than ever before. You don't even need to ADS, just spray around corners with an SMG.

The goddamn maps are too small, nothing is fun about a terrible respawn system that spawns someone right behind you. Actually there is nothing fun about dying every 30 seconds or less because of how damn open the maps are. What happened to having choke points and semi symmetrical maps? Does every goddamn map have to have 6-7 different places I can get shot from? That's not fun.
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User Info: Rome218

5 years ago#6
I give it an 8. There are some things I really like over MW3.. they got rid of a lot of annoying things like final stand and death streaks. I love their emblem editor.

Things I really do not like: Inconsistency. Yesterday I was just stomping butts and just felt invincible with my .. wow I forgot the name of the SMG. Third one, I prestiged it so it can show my clan tag.

I have my set up back since I've been leveling it, and all of a sudden Today I am going so far negative. Like .5 negative. WTF.

It feels like all I'm doing is spamming hit markers. I threw on rapid fire and it was a rapid joke of hitmarkers. It had me readjusting my weapon's attachment because all of a sudden silencer is making it too weak.

I was getting quad kills and plenty of triple kills Yesterday. If I am finally experiencing lag then lag is a cruel b****.

Maybe if people really did die as fast as they appeared to do in MW3, things would be better. I don't know. MW3 I felt the amount of shots to kill someone was spot on.
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User Info: 50inchDLP

5 years ago#7
I voted 10 because although right now the servers are screwed , i expect it to be fixed, when it does it will be much more fun.
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User Info: muffinmasher

5 years ago#8
I gave it a 9.
The class system is the most innovative yet, providing a truly custom setup.
The pointstreaks along with the pointstreak system itself are some of my favorites to date.
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User Info: Homie_202

5 years ago#9
I would say an 8 they change a lot of stuff for the better but really no new game modes and a lot still feels the same. So it's good but not great.

User Info: Wolfwood44

5 years ago#10
It's a 7 for me. I enjoy the game and think it made positive steps in advancing the series, but there are a couple of complaints, mainly stemming from unusual length of time to unlock certain things, as well as general map layouts: each other game, I've had a favorite map and one or two I despise. Here, I don't have a favorite (yet, to be fair), but plenty I groan at when they win a vote (seriously, Hijack again!?).

I could have probably given it an 8, but right now my frustration is on par with my enjoyment most times I'm playing. A couple of patches and maybe some new maps would go a long way to sway me.
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  3. (Poll) Now that the game has been out for a few days, rate it out of 10.

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