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User Info: Akatsuki3910

2 years ago#1
Hello, and thanks for reading this, for a while on Black Ops 2 whenever I join a server or make a private one, I get this glitch/bug that when I try to move I get super speed and get teleported back everytime. Any fix ?
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User Info: TheArgonianKing

2 years ago#2
finding a different lobby. treyarch isn't going to try and fix a 5 year old game, and there are lobbies that don't have that dumb glitch.
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User Info: firedemon 2600

firedemon 2600
2 years ago#3
Does it when you set up a lobby with bots as well.....so f***ing annoying.
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User Info: Akatsuki3910

2 years ago#4
everytime I enter a lobby it happens. Tried multiple solutions.
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User Info: Wudchuk

2 years ago#5
Delete and reinstall your game data, (this also means DLC).

Tried, tested, and approved, check the laces in these- whoops

I've tried this, it works.
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