I suck balls at CoD

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User Info: Waldy565

2 years ago#1
Thing is, I can play shooters, and them well - the Last of Us and the Tom Clancy games are some of my favourites, and Battlefield, Fallout, Borderlands, Resident Evil - hell, speaking of the game in question, I can fly through the campaign on veteran with not too many frustrations, but the effing multiplayer - search and destroy is probably my favourite mode because its the only one I can play adequately, the rest, even objective game types, I suck at... Any tips or hints? I realise there's a trend with my other shooters - either tactical or more RPG than shooter but there's still shooter mechanics in there, just CoD frustrates me real bad...

User Info: icecubegamer

2 years ago#2
Well cod is a arcade based shooter so your gonna die alot what I did was play it all the time and I got better what gun type do you use

User Info: Waldy565

2 years ago#3
Either defend with the LSAT and a launcher or rush with the PDW

User Info: mukawalka

2 years ago#4
a really basic, easy to use set up is:

perk 1 greed - lightweight, hardline OR flak jacket
perk 2 - toughness (leave off if playing hardcore, use point for tactical or lethal)
perk 3 greed - dexterity, extreme conditioning

then pick an SMG - quickdraw, fast mags
or Assault Rifle - quickdraw, stock

this is enough to suit you for just about anything... of course if you want to defend with an LMG... which most people will hate... then substitute perk 1 greed and lightweight, keep flak jacket, and put on primary gun fighter, LSAT, quickdraw, stock, and target finder or suppressor...

Anything in parenthesis can (not) be ignored.
GT - mukaslayer

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