ARRRRGH! f***ing red bar connecting lagging piece of s***!

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  3. ARRRRGH! f***ing red bar connecting lagging piece of s***!

User Info: ModestJ

2 years ago#1
I can't even walk in a straight line without jerking all over the place and any time i go through a doorway I walk into a wall instead!

And gunfights are worse. You see somebody, you point and shoot. Nice and simple huh? WRONG! I emptied an entire clip into this guy's face and still died and then when it shows the killcam all that shooting was just an illusion. I was actually just standing there pointing my gun. And every time I try to throw a grenade my hand draws back to throw it and then all of a sudden my gun comes back out and the grenade is back in my inventory? It's like the game went back in time!

Oh and I almost forgot knifing people. I walk right up to the guy and slash his throat but then I get unloaded on! And then the killcam reveals the truth-- I was nowhere near the guy, slashing at thin air.

Every match I've been in has had the same result. Here's big bad COD pro at the top with 30 kills and green bars galore. Here I am at the bottom 0-16 with my crappy little red bar.

Online blows.
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User Info: iCheckz

2 years ago#2
Get better internet
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User Info: mukawalka

2 years ago#3
most likely your internet... don't expect perfect performance while someone else is watching Netflix in another room :P
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User Info: colum24

2 years ago#4
iCheckz posted...
Get better internet

User Info: Jdmera775

2 years ago#5
Git gud kid
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User Info: heartherevenge

2 years ago#6
iCheckz posted...
Get better internet

i dont have any connection issues in the game...

so i agree with checkz
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User Info: 76Thanos

2 years ago#7
If you are bouncing off someone elses signal then don't even bother with online Cod. If that isn't the issue then your signal strength is poor. It could be the lines outside are shot. Mine used to be poor then I switched to att u-verse and the guy said he changed the wiring outside cause he checked the strength and it was poor. If someone else used the internet while I was on it was horrible. Maybe even have your service provider check the lines and if they say no threaten to change services.
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  3. ARRRRGH! f***ing red bar connecting lagging piece of s***!

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