I'm looking for BO2 friends. Anyone up?

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  3. I'm looking for BO2 friends. Anyone up?

User Info: Matty0289

3 years ago#1
Hey, so I did have this game about a week after it first came out. I only played it a couple times & didn't care for it that much.
However, I like Black Ops 1 and am fairly decent at it.

A month or so ago when my friend who was visiting left- he left his copies of "Black Ops 2 / Ghost" here since he's having troubles with his ISP & can't always play online. I didn't really have any desire to try Blk Ops 2 again.

Well, after playing with my "main friend/party" on Blk Ops 1 a couple nights ago, she said she was switching to Blk Ops 2, so rather than playing with all Randoms, I switched to BO 2, so we could still continue playing together. And.. I kinda liked the game better than I did last time I played it a couple years ago. So I'm going to keep playing it & try to get more used to it & get better guns & stuff (currently only rank 15).

So, anyone up for partying? I prefer to only play TDM, and I have always done terrible at Zombies.

My K/D on Blk Ops 1 is a 2.26. However, since I'm still learning these maps & finding guns that I like while experimenting with attachments, I'm probably just half of that.

Mic.Chat is optional. I have one, but you don't have to. I don't play extremely loud music or have people yelling in my background, so I'd rather you don't either. ^.^
Many humans possess little or no sense of obligation at all. And many are entirely willing to trample their fellow man for personal gain.

User Info: GigaMAN303

3 years ago#2
hey i'm mostly online a couple times name is NOOBXD

User Info: GigaMAN303

3 years ago#3
Can you help me as well getting some online trophies n Gold Camo ?

User Info: ModestJ

3 years ago#4
I would but my connection f***ing sucks and it pisses me off. And no one wants that, now do they?
"That's what I thought you said." -Boris and Natasha

User Info: GigaMAN303

3 years ago#5
Oops my bad my ps3 ID is GIGAMAN303 all capital
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  3. I'm looking for BO2 friends. Anyone up?

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