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User Info: i_m_me

6 years ago#1
What are the special weapons?

The special weapons are as follows (listed by order of unlock)
Combat Knife
Ballistic Knife
Assault Shield

Ok, now that we've established what we're working on, let's talk about what we're working for. We are trying to get the gold camo for all of these weapons. Why? Because we can get the diamond camo that way, and getting the final kill cam with a diamond knife to some poor old bean's neck is a classy way to end a match.

Please do not post until I have finished posting the guide, it should be five more messages, six total.
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User Info: i_m_me

6 years ago#2
Combat knife: Just a plain ol' knife. You have this weapon at all times, but if you choose not to equip a weapon, you will hold the knife out. The knife must be held to count toward the challenges.

Strategy and Tips.
-Free-for-All is probably the easiest mode to play for this.
-Speed is very important here. You want to be able to get out of the line of fire, and your want to close the distance between you and your prey.
-Awareness is key. Your aim is to take people by surprise, so take back roads and stay alert to the map. Move slowly through buildings and sprint through open areas. Also, equipment will tell you where campers and snipers are.
-Live to fight another day. If you get sighted before you can take cover, utilize tac grenades to get free. Escape under a cloud of smoke, stun them with a concussion and duck in/out of a room.
-You have the advantage in close quarters. Lure an enemy in, hide behind a corner, and when they turn the corner, you can almost always get the kill.
-Be wary of the hit box. It's a bit difficult to get at first. Try stabbing a little bit to the right of what you want to hit.
RecommendedLight Weight, Ghost, Blind-Eye, Flak Jacket, Fast-Hands, Cold-Blooded, Tac Mask, Engineer, Extreme Conditioning, Dead Silence, Free-for-All.

Carbon Fiber- Get 10 Back-Stab medals:
Should be relatively easy, and should happen naturally. If you're having trouble, try a more stealthy approach. Avoid charging. Try to outflank.
Recommend: Ghost, Dead Silence

Cherry Blossom- Get 5 Survivor Medals.
Again, should happen naturally. The knife is a one hit kill, so if you can close the gap between you two fast enough, you can collect their kill after taking a few rounds.
Recommended: Light Weight, Extreme Conditioning

Art of War- Get 5 Revenge medals:
Should happen naturally. Just go out and stab. You should eventually get people who've killed you before.
Recommended: Nothing

Ronin- Get 5 Backfire medals:
This one shouldn't be too hard. Stick to Free For All and look for a camper. Kill them and take their gun, and hang out around their area. They will most likely come back for revenge or to set up shop again. Regardless, if you kill someone and take their gun, hang out for a little bit, they might have spawned close by and think they can get a revenge kill.
Recommended: Engineer, Scavenger, Shock Charge

Skulls- Get 5 Blood Thirsty medals:
This one is a bit tricky. Try Free For All and patrol certain choke points. Populated areas with enough walls to hide or take cover behind, and not enough open space for the enemy to kill you as you're running up to them. Most houses or buildings do just fine. If you're lucky, you will have someone coming for a revenge kill over and over, so if you remember to change vantage points (or constantly move to assure you aren't snuck up on) you can collect a few kills here. However, if you're the rushing type,
try looking for campers and out flanking, but most of all, be cautious. If you're charging into a fight you can't win, run away. Better to lose one kill then four.
Recommended: Ghost, Blind-Eye, Flak Jacket, Cold-Blooded, Fast-Hands, Tac Mask, Dead Silence, Engineer, or Awareness, Smoke.
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(edited 6 years ago)

User Info: i_m_me

6 years ago#3

The Crossbow is odd. It's launches a bolt that will act like semtex (with a smaller explosion), meaning it will stick onto walls, floors, and other players, and explode. The explosion is weak, and won't kill an undamaged player unless it's literally right at their feet, or if it sticks them. It won't kill if shot on a wall, even if it's right by their head. It's possible to get impact kills (which is the only way to get a scavenger pack with the Crossbow), but only on damaged players or Hard Core modes.

strategy and Tips
-Hard core is hit or miss, depending on whether you like the modes or not. The explosions kill, as well as sticking someone.
-Sticks and Stones is the best way to upgrade the Crossbow, but it must be unlocked in Create-A-Class to get kills to count toward the challenges.
-Remember that your bolts travel at an arch, so adjust your aim. They also travel, so you have to trace opponents and predict where they will be when it hits. Lag will make this frustrating.
-The tri-bolt is great for getting impact kills at close range, and will greatly increase the chance of hitting distant targets, but you also only get two shots.
Recommended: Dexterity, Fast Hands, Scavenger, Sticks and Stones

Carbon Fiber- Get 1 Double Kill medal:
Easy enough, should happen naturally. If you're having trouble, try domination, and tri-bolt.
Recommended: Tri-Bolt

Cherry Blossom- Get 5 Revenge medals:
Should happen almost immediately. The beauty of the crossbow bow is, if you stick someone and they kill you, if they explode after you die, you get a revenge medal.
Recommended: Nothing

Art of War- Get a kill from a car using the crossbow:
Not too hard. Play Free-for-All or sticks and stones, and hang out by a car. When someone passes by it, shoot the car and maybe shoot at the ground in front of them, try to keep them in the car's blast radius. Or if someone's camping by a car, let them know how big of a mistake that is.
Recommended: Nothing

Ronin- Get a Blood Thirsty medal:
Hoo boy. This one is guaranteed to cause some heart ache. If you haven't noticed, the crossbow only has 6 shots, and you need to get 5 kills with it, so you can't miss more than 1 shot. Explosives also don't drop scavenger packs. There are a few ways to go about this. Play hard core game modes, the blast will kill there, and direct impacts drop scavenger packs. Use the tri-bolt like a shotgun that you have to aim. The three bolts will kill on impact if they all land, thus dropping a scavenger pack. Or try FFA or Sticks and Stones and be EXTREMELY careful. You could also cheat and set up another controller and boost for it. I won't blame you. Also note, blowing up a car will NOT count toward this challenge.
Recommended: Light Weight, Blind-Eye, Ghost, Fast-Hands, Toughness, Scavenger, Dexterity, Dead Silence, Tri-bolt, Concussion, another controller, luck.

Skulls- Get a kill with every round in a clip:
This one can be tricky, but isn't as impossible as the Ronin. Just play it safe, and if you miss your first shot or two, reload and try again. And because the only kills don't NEED to be crossbow, you can refill our ammo with Scavenger. Tri-bolt doesn't work.
Recommended: Blind-Eye, Ghost, Scavenger, Dead Silence.
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User Info: i_m_me

6 years ago#4
Ballistic Knife

Strategies and Tips
-Melee kills with the ballistic knife count, so feel free to use that if you aren't a very good shot
-when firing, track your target and fire where they are going to be. Don't bother with head shots, it's a one hit kill anywhere.
-unlike Black Ops 1, you don't need to hold square to pick up fire knives, just walk over them and they'll be added automatically (4 total)
Recommended: Light Weight, Scavenger, Extreme Conditioning, Dead Silence, Sticks and Stones.

Carbon Fiber- Get 5 revenge kills:
This shouldn't be too hard. Play Sticks and Stones and you'll get it while trying for the other challenges.
Recommended: Nothing

Cherry Blossom- Get 25 melee kills
This shouldn't be hard. Again, sticks and stones. Just go around and stab people, should happen before you know it. If you're having a really hard time still, refer to the combat knife section
Recommended: Nothing

Art of War- Get 25 kills from retrieved ballistic knives
Simple enough, though can be a headache. Make very liberal use of your ammo, and pick up any knives. Go get kills with those. This one might be a bit time consuming, but shouldn't be too difficult. If you find that you're dying before you can retrieve any knives, try firing all of your shots some secluded area by your spawn, then go get kills. Sticks and stones really helps here too, as there will be knives everywhere.
Recommended: Nothing (not even Scavenger)

Ronin- Get 1 double kill medal
This can get hairy if you aren't used to the knife. But luckily for you, you have at least 300 kills already (Typhoon camo), so hopefully that will give you enough experience. Sticks and stones is your friend. The nice thing about the ballistic knife is that melee kills work, so you can shoot one enemy and stab another, or any combination of the two.
Recommended: Nothing

Skulls- Get 2 blood thirsty medals
This one can be a bit tricky, but stick to sticks and stones, and you should have it. IF you're tired of that game mode, or it isn't working for you, try a stealth build in free-for-all. If you go free-for-all, play how you would with the combat knife. Stay safe, stay quiet, stay alive. Go indoors, where you have the advantage in close quarters, and melee most of the time. If you square off with someone, don't take the shot unless you're positive you'll win.
Recommended: Sticks and Stones, Ghost, Dead Silence, Scavenger, Engineer.
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User Info: i_m_me

6 years ago#5
Assault Shield
The shield isn't really a new feature to COD, but it's easily forgettable for how few people use it. It's a large ballistic riot shield that can deflect bullets, making it great for defense, but horrible for attack. Your only option is to melee, and it requires two hits with the shield to pull it off. There is also a neat feature that lets you plant the shield on the ground so others can use it for temporary cover. It will also protect your back when you switch weapons. Because this weapon is so unique, there are a few more pointers than normal.

Strategies and Tips
-The shield will never break, but as it gets shot up, your visibility will decrease. Try to avoid letting enemies see you immediately, and try ambushing them from the side.
-If you stand up with the shield equipped, your feet will be exposed, so be sure to crouch when confronting an enemy
-You are going to want as many perks here as possible, and any help you can get from equipment.
-Tac grenades will definitely help here, specifically concussion grenades. They can't run, so two quick shield bashes will be much easier.
-The shield doesn't block head on, you want your target, or attacker, slightly to your left, and when ou bash, aim slightly to the right of them. Slightly...
-When you bash, you charge forward a bit further than it looks, leaving you open. Try to be accurate with your shots. The main idea behind defensive playstyles is patience.
-If someone is strafing you, turn faster then them, and try to back up. You want to make them come to you, and when they try strafing you again, turn to where they're trying to run, and bash. It should stop them long enough to either kill them or get more distance between you.
-If someone is putting heavy fire on you, wait until they reload (make sure they're reloading, they might stop firing and wait for you to make a move, then kill you as soon as they have an opening), then run away or throw a concussion grenade and kill them.
Recommended: Flack Jacket, Blind-eye, Fast-Hands, Scavenger, Extreme conditioning, Engineer, Tac. Mask, Concussion, smoke, trophy.
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User Info: i_m_me

6 years ago#6
Carbon Fiber- Get 1000 block points
This should happen naturally. Play objective modes like Domination or Hardpoint and block choke points. Watch out for explosives. TO help you get back to the choke points fast, a tac insertion might help, and the shield will even help you get the drop on tac insertion campers.
Recommended: Flak Jacket, Tac. Mask, Trophy System, Tac. Insertion.

Cherry Blossom- Get 25 hatchet kills
This could be hard if you never used the tomahawk or throwing knife or hatchet. However, with a little bit of patience, you should be able to do this one two. To make things a bit easier, try equipping Danger Close and Scavenger, so you can keep up your supply of hatchets. As far as getting the kills, the easiest way is to sneak up behind and flank, or when you're taking fire, wait for the reload, then hit them as soon as you see the animation. If you have trouble placing your shots, try putting a clear piece of tape with a dot or line on it so you can aim before you throw.
Recommended: Hatchet, Scavenger, Fast-Hands. Danger Close.

Art of War- Get 25 bash medals by killing the person shooting your shield
This will take time, but it will also come naturally. When someone opens fire on you, let them come to you (or vice versa) and bash them with the shield. You can try heading straight toward them and attacking, or wait for them to stab behind or over your shield, back up, then bash.
Recommended: Fast-Hands, Concussion

Ronin- Get 25 kills with no perks equipped.
Again, this is a grind. It isn't difficult behind the fact that it might take a while. It might be a good idea to attempt the Skull challenge at the same time. You will also be vulnerable to explosives, so it might be a good idea to equip the trophy system.
Recommended: Concussion, Trophy, Tactician, Skulls challenge, patience.

Skulls- Get 25 kills with no weapons equipped
A bit of a grind also, but easier than not using perks. If you complete this at the same time as the Ronin challenge, it shouldn't be too hard. I don't know if lethals count as weapons, so to be safe, it might be a good idea to equip the Tactician wild card. Again, not using weapons should be pretty easy, your style with the shield shouldn't change that much.
Recommended: Concussion, Trophy, Tactician, Ronin Challenge.
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User Info: i_m_me

6 years ago#7
Extra Notes

-This guide was mostly written to help get the diamond camo for the specials, not really for effectively playing the roles of each weapon. If you guys found this guide helpful, I could write more guides with the actual use of each weapon in mind.

-Remember, unless you have already gotten used to each weapon, your KDR will most likely suffer. Just, if that's important to you, you might want to practice in combat training or something.

-Regarding the Ronin challenge for the crossbow (bloodthirsty), a friend told me that he had set up another controller in sticks and stones, and used the AFK controller as bait to catch unsuspecting players. Just an option.
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User Info: mikemorong07

6 years ago#8
nice work!!!
definitely gonna help me get those diamond specials
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User Info: STO-109

6 years ago#9
Good stuff man. Its appreciated! :)
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User Info: mhBLANK

6 years ago#10
i_m_me posted...
Extra Notes

-Regarding the Ronin challenge for the crossbow (bloodthirsty), a friend told me that he had set up another controller in sticks and stones, and used the AFK controller as bait to catch unsuspecting players. Just an option.

I'm not too sure, but isn't the Skulls camo always the Bloodthirsty one? Or is it different for the Crossbow? Just wondering.
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