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User Info: ggrissom

5 years ago#41
Yeah the fire is fricking horrible. The hit detection is terrible so even when I do time a jump right I still get burned and can't see anything..
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User Info: BirdPwNz100

5 years ago#42
From: Rockman_forever | #036
Im... also kinda shocked. Tranzit blows chunks... The denizens and waiting for the bus have ruined it for me. Elements in a game are supposed to be challenging and fun. Well this is challenging, but it's not fun. Why should I be horribly punished for wanting to advance to the next section of a level?

Why should I have to wait 10? 15? minutes for the stupid bus to hurry up. Then wait another 2 minutes for it to leave??

The power turns off randomly, the perks are sooo spread out that if you don't have tombstone and you go down, you may as well quit.

The fog in the streets and the denizens and the random teleporting green lights pretty much make it pointless to even try....

And WHERE ARE THE GUNS?! The burning city only has ONE GUN and you need a turbine to access it!?!? WHAT?!?! that's STUPID.

But we got nuketown zombies right? well its freakin boring. I got to round 24 on my first attempt.... didnt even try.

Oh please, many people wanted zombies to be more challenging and when you get it, people complain that it isn't fun. I don't get it.

The perks aren't even spread out, you literally take 15-20 seconds to reach each perk machine. In Tranzit I understand, but that's pretty much it. Lol, the lighting and fog has nothing to do how pointless it makes things, I can't believe you even said this.

Yeah they pretty much messed up with the guns on walls thing, which is ridiculous.

Don't have Nuketown zombies so no comment.
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User Info: harlem545

5 years ago#43
Gannondwarf432 posted...
GoldenEye8686 posted...
Multiplayer is good but the bugs need fixing asap (random freezing)

Anyway, I loved Zombies in BO, WTF DID THEY DO TO IT NOW!!!

No more thunder gun? the maps are TERRIBLE, I can barely last upto round 20 until my teammates start dying because there's no way to loop the zombies properly.


Where the hell is all the guns! they got rid of half of them! I miss my super weak LMG.


GET RID OF THE DAMN FIRE!!! You'd think they'd improve the hit detection WTF

I'm setting my room on fire

Jet Gun = new Thundergun

and BTW;
24-Bore Long Range>Thundergun

The Thundergun does suck....
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User Info: harlem545

5 years ago#44
I actually like Zombies, coming from a guy who's played it since World at War. The fire makes since to me nonetheless. Only thing I don't like is they took my beloved PhD Flopper out. But they still kept Mustang & Sally
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User Info: Snooze36

5 years ago#45
GoldenEye8686 posted...
Anyway, I loved Zombies in BO, WTF DID THEY DO TO IT NOW!!!

Same way people felt when zombies went from world at war to black ops. even though they had the waw zombie maps remade in black ops, anyone who's played the original can tell you it's just not the same. I mean didn't you expect zombie was going to be changed again? besides it could be worse.

User Info: NinjaDeath911

5 years ago#46
I am kind of shocked that zombies is sub par. Not that "five" was all that good but a throw away map from BO1, ANYTHING would be better

The monkey doesn't seem to work right

Anyone know if Nuke town Zombies is any good? They should have gave us that and gave the prestige owners the first black ops maps

User Info: GoldenEye8686

5 years ago#47
The new map is terrible, try playing 8 players on a sub map.....

I got to round 33 yesterday with 3 players on Farm. I honestly gave up because it's beyond a joke. The RPD becomes uselss as does the HAMMER and the Ray Gun is WORSE than in BO1! I shot a PaP RayGun and it just goes through the enemies! NOT EVEN A HITMARKER!

The maps are smaller than my bathroom!

The thunder gun was amazing, I got to round 46 on BO1 with the Thunger Gun and Ballistic Knife and ofcourse let's not forget the TRAPS!!!

I swear I sometimes wonder how people qualify to get to be part of the biggest FPS ever and just make it the worst possible design. It's 2013 almost!

I miss my Nintendo days where each game was just oozing of quality assurance....

P.S Gonna send a rant to that fat pie-eating Vondahaar
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User Info: robbieIII

5 years ago#48
Agree with pretty much all that's been said on here. Zombies in Black Ops II is a massive, massive disappointment. I've been playing with Tranzit since it came out, and as had been said, it's challenging, however it just isn't fun. Along with the shoddy multiplayer this game is THE let down of the year.

Will be keeping an eye out for the dlc maps to see if they are any better, but I think my time with this game is almost done. Shame.
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User Info: Anon330

5 years ago#49
No, it doesn't suck. They messed nothing up.

You kids complaining are all just bad kids who can't handle the fact that Tranzit isn't a completely straight-forward map in which everything is explained to you from the get-go. It seems you guys can't handle a challenge. If you're complaining about bad randoms, play with people you know. Do you not have friends?

Tranzit was not something that they made in a few hours, they put a lot of time, and effort into it. If you understood what all you can do within this map, you would appreciate it. Some of you are complaining that it's only one map with multiple areas. It is actually a county. They will release more zombie maps with the release of future DLC. If it's that big of a deal, don't play Tranzit until they are out. No one is forcing you to play it, as no one forced you to buy the game.

Only bad kids relied on the Thundergun. It was overpowered. You could literally blast 24 zombies with it upgraded on round 50+, and ALL of them would INSTANTLY die. If you take away the easy gun from bad zombie players, chances are they're all going to yap, nag, and complain.

You have plenty of time to plan. In my opinion, round one you should save one zombie, and travel all the way to the Power Station and turn it on. It takes five minutes to get there. That is five minutes you can spend planning. It's not a hard map to figure out a strategy, I've already posted my strategy.

You guys are complaining about the lava. The events of Tranzit take place after the easter egg on Moon from Black Ops 1. This means that Earth was hit by missiles. Did you guys think that Earth would not be damaged when it got hit by the missiles? When you went back to Earth on Moon after the easter egg, Earth looked exactly as it does in Tranzit. This explains why the zombies in Tranzit have blue eyes, why everything is destroyed, why Richtofen announces the drops, and why the ground is full of lava. If they removed the lava, they would be contradicting the events of the Moon easter egg. That would be a no-no.

All because they only have one map for Zombies in Black Ops 2 at launch, and they had two in Black Ops 1 does not mean that it is awful. Tranzit is bigger then Kino, and Five combined. And, if you get under the bank, you will see the bottom level of Five.

Apparently there's not a story in Tranzit? There's two parts of the easter egg to do. Plus, it takes place after the events of the Moon easter egg. Sounds like it's a part of a story to me.

There are multiple places to loop in Tranzit. All you have to do is get use to jumping over the lava. The lava is not that bad, you just like to complain about things that you don't like.

You seem to also be complaining about the zombies that jump on you when you're running from place to place. They take 5 knifes to get off of you, and they take only 2 hits with the Galvaknuckles to get them off you. Are you seriously bad enough that you can't knife them off of you? If you don't like them, only travel in the bus.

Someone was saying the perks are broken. No kid. The perks don't have any effect unless you have them while the power is activated. So the problem isn't that the perks are broken, the problem is that you're ability to think is broken.

It's like people begged them to make zombies harder, and so they did. And now everyone is crying that it's a challenge. If you want the old maps, or a easy zombie experience, go back to Black Ops. You won't be missed.

Tranzit is far from a disappointment. There's so many features in this map that you can do. Those who consider it to be a disappointment are just saying this because their expectations were far higher than what they should have been. Tranzit is the best zombies map so far, all because you are bad at it doesn't make it bad. Get better at it. Try appreciating what you're given, instead of crying that it's not good enough.

User Info: Send_More_Bears

5 years ago#50
No tranzit is just a terrible map.

First of all what's the point of putting together a stupid little turbine in the first 30 seconds of the game just to open 2 doors to the rest of map. Why not just take the ****ing doors out and let you roam the map to begin with, then find the turbine parts later, when you actually need them. Not to mention, the whole piecing together **** items is a total gimmick that should never have even been added. You find a stupid part to a stupid item that you don't need and then you have to find out which work bench to put it, and good luck with that since there's like a dozen different ones. You'd think that the part you find would be in the same area as the workbench but no, you have to run around the whole map.

They took the simple, fun, and addicting format of the original zombie maps and just ripped it to shreds and instead gave us this garbage. There's no doors to open, and if there are, well whoopdy-do lets just use this stupid turbine we got the first ****ing round to open it, but oh wait, there's nothing but a useless part of a useless item in here. Zombies used to be about strategically surviving with the limited space/weapons they gave you. Not just running around willy nilly with no guns trying to do dumb ass easter eggs and getting lit on fire every 5 seconds. The whole damn map is open round 1 basically, where's the fun in that??

Dont get me started with the bus. It was by far the worst mechanic they could've added to the game. If you get seperated from your team you have to wait 20 minutes for it to make it's rounds to get back to you and by that time you'll probably drop since each area is so ****ing small. "oh but you can just run from place to place" nobody wants to ****ing do that ****. IT shouldn't be a challenge to get from place to place, the challenge should be the zombies not some bull**** monkey thing jumping on my back and lava everywhere plus no visibility. Oh yeah they made the game realllll challenging didnt they? The bus is just flat out a bad idea. You have to choose between running around blindly through some thick ass fog and getting assraped by monkeys and lit on fire or being crammed inside a 5 foot bus with 3 other people while theres like 8 entrances for zombies. Did they think it was going to be "action-packed" and "exciting" maybe to a 6th grader.

I could go on and on about how bad this zombies is. The lack of wall guns and the difficulty grabbing them. I almost lost a raygun cus of how hard it was to grab out of the box. Me and my team of 4 got trapped in the lab because the power was off and 2 of us stayed inside while the 2 outside the lab died and respawned inside, WIITH NO TURBINE. Seriously make one of those doors unlockale via points. And what's this i hear about perks requiring power to work even if you already bought them? ARE YOU ****ING SERIOUS?? Tell me how that's a good idea. AND THE POWER GOES OFF RANDOMLY???

I really hope they just bring back the og format of zombies. But seeing as though there's dumbass people that actually think they did a good job on this zombies, they'll most likely keep feeding us this garbage and overcharging us for it too.
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