Cheaters : the blacklist !

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User Info: SA200

5 years ago#21
Oh wow, he's actually gotten that high now? He was usually around 1500-1600 whenever I saw him and after realizing that certain players in the room were better than him he would just leave.
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User Info: Haku

5 years ago#22
Yeah, He is 3rd on the overall leaderboard now.

User Info: Haku

5 years ago#23
Can add another now, Phillie777. Same old crap, high ranking, bad player. Disconnects soon as they realise they won't win.

It's getting stupid now. It seems to be spreading as well. I see even low ranked people do it, 1000 points and return to lobby when not winning :(.

On a brighter note, I did find someone who does not. Tailoser_US or something like that. 1700-1800 points last I saw, good racer and more importantly, no disconnects. Few times I won, they stayed :D. Getting to be a rarity now.

Maybe we should start a thread for the opposite, high ranked & stay when losing.

User Info: durangodan

5 years ago#24
I haven't played this since before Christmas, but what has put me off is the amount of network errors I get whilst playing. Doesn't happen with other games (not that I play online much) but with this it's ridiculous. The third time it happened I started getting pm's about it. I stopped playing.

Add the crap online physics and there isn't a reason to go back.

I've never rage quit myself, rage quitting is annoying, but because of how the lobby is set up you can't choose where to go. Players drop out so by the time the next race rolls around you're only playing against 3 or 4 people. You can exit the lobby and try for another game but more often than not it puts you back in the same damn game.

I'm thinking about picking up the previous game as from what I understand you can choose the number of laps and customise the game more.
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User Info: Polimario

5 years ago#25
All of these tales of DC abuse is discouraging me from buying this. Don't wanna play a game full of quitters.

At least it sounds less severe than the stuff pulled on MKW.
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User Info: ValkyrieXVIII

5 years ago#26
I just wish people who do return to lobby stay for more rounds ; ( I really hate the bandwagon effect, once someone decides to leave, then people feel more entitled to leave, then the room becomes barren within a race or two.

I once was in a race in Cruelien Mansion where 3rd placer decided to leave, then 2nd placer left, then 4th, next thing I know, all except 9th placer had left and this was in the last 30 seconds of the race ; < Happened more than once.

But ya, highlighting legit players seems to be the ticket as they're way too many quit happy players around.

User Info: Haku

5 years ago#27
Polimario posted...
All of these tales of DC abuse is discouraging me from buying this. Don't wanna play a game full of quitters.

At least it sounds less severe than the stuff pulled on MKW.

Don't be discouraged. I believe they are looking into a system to punish for it (was said somewhere on the official forums). Hopefully it's something like -100 for a quit, stay and take the loss and the point loss that comes with it, or quit and lose 100.

Also how good are you? If you are not that great at this type of game, to start with you probably won't find many quitters. Only once you are good enough to beat them, then they will start quitting and set off a chain reaction that makes everyone else quit. Of course, if you are good at kart racers anyway, you're probably going to start to run into them pretty quickly.

User Info: zero_hito

5 years ago#28
Beware of blackblur7 because he is often try to glitch to win online races. He never ragequit, though.

I just have a few race with him.

First race: He tried to glitch in Shibuya but failed.
2nd race: Chilly Castle... he won with no glitch
3rd race: Chilly Castle mirror... I was leading the race until my position was suddenly changed to 2nd near the finish line. I immediately returned to the lobby because it was an unfair lost. I heard someone was laughing on the mic, maybe it was him. Is there a glitchy shortcut here? AFAIK there's none.
4th race: Shibuya... he won with no glitch again.
5th race: Dragon Canyon... from 2nd to last position got DNF because he was utilizing this glitch:

His time in the result screen was around 34571.xx

The last race on Burning Depths he lost again and I left after that.
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User Info: ValkyrieXVIII

5 years ago#29
^ Don't blame the people who uses glitches, blame those who searched for them and put them on youtube. Fortunately for us he just does the ones that any person who knows how to drift and barrel roll can do.

Eventually people are going to have to learn these to win cause they'll always be those who are simply shameless. BlackBlur did it on me before on Sky Sanct and I simply took note of it and now do it whenever I see him, its really that simple. Especially given the power to simply return to lobby. Absorb what you saw and unitize it whenever you recognize someone who does the shortcuts.

User Info: Haku

5 years ago#30
The dragon valley one, I have had happen to me. Pretty much the same place. I was driving along in 1st and it came up I had finished. Also gave me the glitched time. No idea how I done it/if it can be done again, or if it's just a random bug.

Sanctuary falls shortcut, meh. I use that now as you simply can't tell who will use it and with the games stupid scoring of you win +3, you come second -50, can't risk it. Don't really like quitting to lobby.


Niteowns4717. Owns nothing. Always quits when not in first.

aka-chaos. Straight up cheating. Always ice, from every pickup when they are not in first. Soon as they hit you and go past, pickups are normal. You shoot them, go past and it's back to nothing but ice from them.

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