Day 2 Kat combo video

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User Info: blaze19_0X

5 years ago#11
fuzzylittlbunny posted...
Nice combos.

But blaze, I'm pretty sure Ratchet's grab can get people behind him too.

Only if they actually try to roll behind it. Otherwise it can't.

Kat's grabs in both directions raw. And has less endlag than Ratchets.

User Info: fuzzylittlbunny

5 years ago#12
Yes, that's what I posted in both combo topics for Kat :3

She can get 95 AP before ending with her level 1. I know it works at double jump height, but I haven't tested it any higher. I'm fairly certain it'll work wherever though, since you can air dash down after the kick connects to land faster.

a.D2, land, 1, 1, 1, D3, 1, 1, 1, slight pause, 3, level 1

And doing it this way makes the timing less strict for the debris > level 1 part, since there's more space between you and the opponent.
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User Info: blaze19_0X

5 years ago#13
So try to air camp against Kat and you have to deal with EASILY the best anti-air game in the game. No one even comes close. An air-air bounce combo that yields 95 AP+ Level 1 or 155 AP if you wish. That's just ridiculous.

But try to fight her on the ground and you have to deal with her absurdly powerful ground mobility (including a wavedash) and grab game. Again a grab which leads into a hefty combo into level 1 or 155AP flat even without debris.


Ladies and gentlemen I think we've just found the Metaknight of PSASBR.

And I don't even think she's poorly designed. It's just that no other character in the game is designed this way: to actually accomadate what kind of game PSASBR is.

I mean there's no reason every character shouldn't have at least one anti-air bounce move. It's like Superbot FINALLY woke up when designing her.

User Info: TheOne7even

5 years ago#14
you missed the HC from the down grab into the lvl 1

User Info: fuzzylittlbunny

5 years ago#15
Yeah 75 AP from a grab into level 1 seems ridiculously good in a game like this lol
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User Info: blaze19_0X

5 years ago#16
fuzzylittlbunny posted...
Yeah 75 AP from a grab into level 1 seems ridiculously good in a game like this lol

I think the most significant thing she has is definitely the bounce divekick though. Just because no other character has an anti-air tool that powerful especially combined with her air dash.

The only character that comes close to being able to punish people so hard for being that high in the air is Evil Cole. And even then he needs to react to the wakeup option after the hard knockdown which can be a lot harder than one thinks in a high pressure situation. But Kat? Just learn the guaranteed combos/kills that yield a much bigger reward either way.

But yeah, just a few of these tools alone ( bounce divekick, grab) would make any character pretty darn high on a tier list. But Kat has a lot more than just these two. It's just that these alone are so good we forget all the other options she has.

User Info: fuzzylittlbunny

5 years ago#17
Well Kat needs her debris to do her easy to land combos into level 1, so at least she has that little limit. Although to be honest, I'm thinking she may have a way to combo into her level 1 off a grab without debris... It's just a hunch, but a little time in the lab yielded that 95 AP combo into the super, so let's see if I can find anything else :D

Also I think the felines of this game, Kat and Toro took lessons on how to fight from Dr. Doom. Just that Kat was the better student, since she paid attention when Doomsy was giving a lecture on how to ground bounce people from a foot dive lol
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User Info: HeartbreakKid37

5 years ago#18
It also looked like Dormammu taught her a move
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User Info: dabuz

5 years ago#19
blaze19_0X posted...
Oh and I just realized.

Thanks to her anti-air divekick bounce properties.......she can hit confirm into level 1....on an aerial opponent. At potantially any height..............correct me if I'm wrong Dabuz.


On jumping opponent:

a.d2-n1X3-d3-n1X3-n3-level 1

You are correct, timing becomes harder as they get higher up and if hti at the height of their double dump, you will need to go into a low to the ground air to air level 1 confirm. As a sidenote, her double jump is slightly higher than the rest of the cast's double jump.
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User Info: Retroxgamer0

5 years ago#20
blaze19_0X posted...
So she has multiple 100% anti-air combos on aerial foes afterall. That yield between 135-155AP.

That's something no other character can do as reliably. Only Good Cole and Nariko come close.

Her divekick even causes a bounce on aerial opponents which was actually suggested on this board as a major way to counter air camping: have combos that can be started via bounce moves.

Kat just keeps getting better and better. At this rate she just might end up as the best character in the game.

lol sly only has to press forward triangle and lvl3.

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