why did you choose your character

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User Info: cl0ud007

5 years ago#11
MGS Nuff said

User Info: Joey2cool

5 years ago#12
Sir Dan because Sir Dan.
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User Info: Pink_a_Dink

5 years ago#13
Sweet Tooth is my main. I love the Twisted Medal series and think hes bad*** and has a great move set.

I also play as Sir Dan because he's extremely underrated, and I occasionally play as Fat Princess.

User Info: Nectern

5 years ago#14

I have and still am waiting for Jak 4.

The last PS3 game Jak was in was PS Move Heroe's, I dnt have PS Move and the game sucked so w/e.

I bought the collection and replayed his games and loved the series even more all over again.


Than CLOSELY followed by Ratchet since I am equally a huge fan, Jak edges it out because unlike Ratchet, I miss him.

Ratchet is still around, Ripping ya a new one and saving galaxies over.

User Info: Flownaway86

5 years ago#15
My main: Fat Princess.

Never thought she would be my main, when she was confirmed I thought "why her?" Then I bought the game, used all characters and well... she is so funny to use, has a great moveset and love her personality.

User Info: Smash Master

Smash Master
5 years ago#16
Parappa, whom I've been using since the beta.

Raiden and Dante, because I like swords.

Coles and Nate, because InFamous and Uncharted are my favorite "current" sony franchises.
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User Info: devotedislamfan

5 years ago#17
Sackboy: I love LBP and his 'unique' moveset, he isn't a direct action guy- more ranged, traps and tricks. He's like a troll character and is generally fun to use.

Dante: I think hes a pretty cool guy and like his insta-weapon changing combos.

Heihachi: I love the Tekken series.
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User Info: GameNerd1994

5 years ago#18
I main Sly because he feels really natural when I play as him, while I also use Cole on the side because I love inFamous.
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User Info: MyZombieFiancee

5 years ago#19
Fat Princess.

I'm a chubby chaser.
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User Info: Spidermonkey3

5 years ago#20
Sir Dan cause he is Sir ****ing Dan

PaRappa because I loved the game

Heihachi because dem wave dash combos

Spike cause big Ape Escape fan

Jak cause loved the series

Big Daddy.......because I started liking him out of nowhere when I accidentally picked him for combo training
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