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User Info: TheGamer19856

5 years ago#71
Oh my! Her Game looks cool
You gotta learn to keep cool under pressure that's the mark of a great lawyer
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User Info: Garfield64

5 years ago#72
Best character in the entire game
Is a very well known Troll, please do not fall for their shenanigans!

User Info: trollhunter2

5 years ago#73
i think this will end up being like the Cloud obsession by fans :O
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User Info: An_Unkind_RGN

5 years ago#74
trollhunter2 posted...
i think this will end up being like the Cloud obsession by fans :O

Yeah except the fact that there are a lot of people obsessing about her and they haven't even played the game.
Toro. Nuff Said.
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