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User Info: ArcadianGenesis

5 years ago#1
In this topic, post the team you play with (either in Association mode or online) and your player rotation.

San Antonio Spurs

1. Tony Parker (PG)
2. Manu Ginobili (SG)
3. Kawhi Leonard (SF)
4. Boris Diaw (PF)
5. Tim Duncan (C)

6. Gary Neal (SG)
7. Tiago Splitter (C)
8. DeJuan Blair (PF)
9. Stephen Jackson (SF)
10. Patty Mills (PG)

Bench Warmers
11. Danny Green (SG)
12. Matt Bonner (PF)

The Spurs are so deep, I have to use a 10-man rotation and am hard-pressed not to make it 11. I have nothing against Green, and in real life he is a starter or first off the bench - but in 2K13, Neal is a far superior shooter, which is what I need from that position. Matt Bonner, if he has any utility in real life (which is debatable), utterly sucks in this game. Overall, I love using the Spurs in this game! The offense is so diverse and efficient, as in real life.
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User Info: Jordanmrocks

5 years ago#2

JR Smith

Novak, Felton, Brewer, Camby, Kidd, Thomas

fave alternate rotation:
shumpert -brewer - melo - camby - chandler

alley oops (when teams are constantly letting me on the fast break):
felton - shumpert - JR smith - Melo - Chandler

also love starting rotation subbing novak with amare... raining 3 pointers
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