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User Info: DC07301981

7 years ago#1
Hey guys,
New to the PES series and video game football (or soccer, I'm American) and I am totally getting destroyed online. I can't defend well and get beaten on the counter attack all the time. It seems my opponent just launches full powered through balls through my defense and I can't react fast enough to get the ball back. I've been losing 6-0 or even 7-0.

My opponents pick the same teams everytime, usually Barcelona, Manchester United, Real Madrid, etc. I am decent at FIFA but am absolutely terrible at this game. I am enjoying the PES gameplay more than FIFA. Seems more lifelike and real. Any tips on matchmaking? Are there any options where I can find someone of my level and improve with that?

Thanks in advance for any help, sorry for the newbie questions.

User Info: bionicman_3090

7 years ago#2
Here are some tips that I can offer...

1. Select a formation that you are most comfortable with. If you like using the wings, then pick a formation that allows wing-play. If you like playing right through the middle, then customize a formation to allow just that.

2. When picking your starting line-up, check if each player is playing in his "ideal" position. For e.g., if an AMF is getting played out on the flank, then his OVR will be decreased, leaving you with an inefficient option for wing-play.

3. Depending on the formation, select which player(s) should join in with the attack. For e.g., if you're playing 4-3-3 with 3 SS, then you can select your full-backs to join the attack. But it'll leave you wide open for counter-attacks, so make sure you have set your midfielders to provide cover.

4. Playing through-balls has become the staple game play, unfortunately. When the game was first released, the game play was balanced but updates have improve through-balls efficiency by a whole lot. So, if you have to adapt to it. Shorten the distance between your CB, switch formations on-the-go (Right d-pad button) depending on whether you have possession or not, increase or decrease your tempo based on your need (trick modifier + up or down d-pad), play the offside trap (Left d-pad button), etc. Mix it up.

5. Learn to trigger off-the-ball runs manually using the Right Stick. It is more efficient and gives you full control as you can bring spare players in towards you which opens up more passing options. It can lure in the opposing defenders leaving lots of open spaces on the pitch.

6. 1-2 passing is very important. Learn the dynamic 1-2 passing technique from the in-game tutorial until you can pull it off with your eyes closed.

7. Man-marking is another important aspect which can make or break your game. If you get it right, then you can defend really well. If you get it wrong, then you're better off just putting your controller on the floor and watching the rest of the game. Read your opponent's moves and adapt, assign which players to mark and set the tempo accordingly.
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User Info: ReggieBush09

7 years ago#3
me too brah

wish I had an online pass
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