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User Info: megatronwolf

7 years ago#1
i liked the first 2 but havent heard much about this one
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User Info: LiquidSnake09

7 years ago#2
Dunno, but I bought it because of the sale.
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User Info: DrGonzo615

7 years ago#3
I'd say its pretty hard not to be worth a measly $5.

I put a couple hours into and it seems alright, I dont feel screwed out of my $5, but so far its not as good as Crysis 2 IMO
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User Info: WOT BS

7 years ago#4
this game makes cod look really good... the engine / gunplay anyway. its got a lot going for it but crap like throwing a grenade too fast so you have no weapon equipped sucks and other guys skipping around to the point where you cant shoot them because the bad framerate sucks. this game really needed better hardware, its just too ambitious and too clunky when youre on the move. youre seriously immune to bullets if you run perpendicuraly to the enemy in multiplayer
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User Info: TraceSkipper

7 years ago#5
I just bought it for $5. thank-you ps plus. I havnt tried mp but the sp so far is excellent.
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User Info: skermac

7 years ago#6
I didn't play this first 2 but just finished this one a few minutes ago. I liked it. A lot tougher than any COD game I ever played. I died a lot, esp with the final boss. Didn't see many in mp, I wish there were more, just people in tdm.
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User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
7 years ago#7
I can't think of many games that aren't worth $5.
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User Info: Sanboxmagician

6 years ago#8
I loved the first two.. couldnt stand this one. Just the way the cookie crumbles, oh well.

User Info: EvilResident

6 years ago#9
megatronwolf posted...
i liked the first 2 but havent heard much about this one

single player campaign not as strong as the first 2 but worth $5 IMO
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User Info: ghettoghost45

6 years ago#10
I paid $10 and I think its great! To each his own, I guess...
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