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User Info: DarkPaladinMan

8 years ago#1
So, chapter 40 was already bad enough. But they decided to just destroy you in chapter 41. I mean, all the enemies with so much freaking health, and don't even get me started on Meden. If you don't know what you're doing, you are just done.

That said, I need some help beating the chapter. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but maybe if I give my characters' stats and the items I currently have, someone can give me a strategy to help me win easier? Hopefully...

LV 49: Chris & Jill
LV 50: Frank & Hsien-Ko/KOS-MOS & T-elos
LV 51: Kogoro & Mii/Chun-Li & Morrigan/Reiji & Xiaomu/Zephyr & Leanne/Kite & BlackRose/Ichiro & Sakura/Haken & Kaguya/Kurt & Riela/Toma & Cyrille
LV 52: Akira & Pai/Soma & Alisa/Gemini & Erica/Ryu & Ken/Dante & Demitri/Yuri & Estelle/Jin & Xiaoyu
LV 53: X & Zero

Items: Restore Pill II x 1, Ether Pack S x 1, Ether Pack L x 1, Poison Battle x 20

So, can anyone think of anything to help me out a little, maybe? I'd really appreciate it (I know that doesn't matter to some people, but hey, it's the best I can do...)
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User Info: lkhlkh

8 years ago#2
should have added an item shop..
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User Info: DarkPaladinMan

8 years ago#3
lkhlkh posted...
should have added an item shop..

Exactly. Hopefully they can patch this.

Oh, and include ROCKS with said patch.

Assuming they care enough to do so.
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User Info: cimoa

8 years ago#4
do you know that actually let enemies drop when their shield is up again sometimes can gives you another extra item when you break them again?

maybe you're not doing it too much

i often do this to get another item from 1 battle, so i can get 1-3 items per battles
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User Info: Xendyl

8 years ago#5
have you been relying on items for healing the entire time?

Well...I guess you can give Yuri&Estelle and Gemini&Erica (and maybe Haken&Kaguya) your best +SPD items so they'll be one of the first to go every turn and use one of them to cast Nurse/Evangile (+30%HP to all) or Love (Fully heal all) to keep everyone's health up.

but I think you really set yourself up to rely on all your healers to survive this chapter...
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User Info: salvadorfranz

8 years ago#6
My final party in JP version:

Kogoro-Mii - Devilotte
Chun-Li-Morrigan - Valkyrie
Akira-Pai - Bahn
Frank-Hsien-Ko - Imca
Reiji-Xiaomu - Flynn
Soma-Alisa - Neneko
Gemini-Erica - Saya
Zephyr-Leanne - Lady
Kite-Black Rose - Juri
Ryu-Ken - Batsu
Ichiro-Sakura - Lindow
Dante-Demitri - Bruno
Haken-Kaguya - Ulala
Yuri-Estelle - Arthur
Kurt-Riela - Tron
Toma-Cyrille - Heihachi
KOS-MOS-T-elos - Lindow
X-Zero - Sanger
Chris-Jill - Rikiya

Real advice for you:
Kill all the enemies first so can concentrate on Meden, then I usually save 120 XP so Kaguya can use her "Love" skill to heal all allies. Fully heal your unit before attacking as Meden regenerates its Cross Points all the way to 150 and you do NOT want him pulling out his MAP attack.

It's going to be guaranteed that he'll counterattack with his own unblockable Limit Break (dunno what it's called, you'll probably know the name better since you're there already while I'm not in my ENG game).

The ones I assigned for attacking him are:
Touma-Cyrille, Reiji-Xiaomu, Zephyr-Leanne, Soma-Alisa, Ryu-Ken, and the rest were either on standby or moping up the rest of the grunts.

When he gets to 25% of his HP, he'll summon all the bosses you just killed awhile ago (IIRC, not sure about that one though cause I did it again and this time went for both brothers and it did the whole "summon all bosses you killed awhile ago" as well) and you have two choices: Kill him now, or kill the grunts (if you want more items) or kill him now.

Yes, you're seeing a 200k HP boss and I understand that is a lot of them.

And yes, abuse the skills. You WILL need it.
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