Should I should I not?

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User Info: Silverfyre80

4 years ago#1
So basically, my brigade is winning every day so far thanks in no small part to one guy who is literally doing ALL the work. Like... He always makes sure our brigade is ahead by 100k points before the day ends. Before you ask... No, this group was not made prior to the event. It was made when the event started and I got randomly matched to said guy's team.

Now my question is... Should I burn all my hp and be a flea bitten freeloader or save it? The best I think I could get from victory rewards is up to 6 points at best if I use my hp wisely. I wish I had more hp lol.
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User Info: Thudderman

4 years ago#2
if you could get 4m points and get summertime fp you should. will cost 400 hp or so and was 1000 hp at start of event. also would get hundreds hp more in misc rewards like summertime nightmares. but this all assumes you get 9 vp if you don't you lose SFP. and like hw and cc they gonna start matching undefeated brigades so many will fall.
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  3. Should I should I not?

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