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User Info: Rabid_Mexican

8 years ago#1
Lol so much QQ going on with this game. People on the official fourms are all like "Wah, it's so hard! I have died like 50 times and not finished a level!" Lol.

On here people calling the game "crap" just because modern games have conditoned them to think that dieing is bad and unenjoyable. Tools.

It amuses me. Kids these days obviously have never played any old games. I think if Super Mario was released now then people would cry about the same things.

"I just keep dieing, I haven't even completed it yet! OMFG I CAN'T SAVE"

Well duh, it used to be a really awesome acheivment to finish a game. I remember being like 10 and never finishing Sonic 2 (stupid metal sonic). I always ran out of lives and guess what happens then? Back to the start!

Save games are for kiddies.

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User Info: Inv_Machine

8 years ago#2
Sheesh, I dare these fools to try Nethack/ADOM/Angband and not rage uninstall. Now while those roguelikes give a lot more freedom than H,S,L gives, they are DIFFICULT AS ALL OF HADES.

I think the mindset of a newcomer to H,S,L is that it's a small and simple enough coffee-break game that it shouldn't be too hard to beat. Nope. There's more depth to this game than you think. In any case, the difficulty should be the hook of the game, but apparently not everybody gets it.

With that said, I've played this game since launch day on Steam. I've given myself only around four hours of sleep a night ever since.

User Info: ThaKass

8 years ago#3
This game just is not very good. While I may agree that gaming is easier now a days. It does not deter from the fact that this game is plain horrible.
1.Tiny screen, even at max is small.
2.No strategy just random rolls.

miss,miss,miss,miss...thats the combat. This game had a lot of potential, but failed miserably on every level. If it was easier, people would complain because the game is so bad. To think, I could have ordered a pizza instead of wasting 10$ on this mess.
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