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User Info: CherylChan

6 years ago#1
Hi all,

Anyone have tips and strategy how to clear Episode 12: The Farytale Hero - Stage 3-4B? I tried a lot of times but I failed since Marlon keep harassing me when I get unit points and I can't rush at Leililala.

Most (almost all) of my more powerful weapon have smaller impact circle since I didn't know the advantage of weaker weapons when I started the game.


User Info: jada99x

6 years ago#2
It's been a while but if it is the stage where Marlon keeps regenerating while constantly attacking you can force him to retreat if you drop his hp to 0 using good positioning, chaos attacks and/or taking advantage of weapon advantages/disadvantages.

Important Info about weapon advantages and disadvantages:
unfavorable - opposition will not be pushed back and if they strike the attacker they are pushed back
neutral - opposition is slightly pushed back and if they strike the attacker they are also pushed back
favorable - opposition is greatly pushed back and if they strike the attacker they aren't pushed back

*Damage is also slightly reduced when using a disadvantage weapon

What that means is that for example in Marlon's case, you can keep using unfavorable weapons if your allies are all grouped up in the same area so that he won't be knocked out of range from your other characters so that you can easily pull off a full chaos attack or you can use favorable weapons against his weapon types to always push him back great distances buying yourself more time.

My faq has some general tips that I have used to clear every mission including hard mode. Overall it shouldn't be too difficult as long as you defend your points and use the characters strengths to your advantage. If all else fails you can try leveling up in free battles.
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