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User Info: Molivious

6 years ago#21
funny that the TC is gone now.
Surprise! It's me again! \('o ' \ )
"You could easily teach yourself if you observe the world closely." - Elise

User Info: talesfan215

6 years ago#22
The Chaos attacks. I don't get how to use them or what they do.

User Info: holyknight14

6 years ago#23
When you attack and fill up the circles, the impact extends from the enemy and your other team members can chain their attacks if they are close enough. If you manage to get all 5 of your characters to successfully chain on one enemy, you pull off a chaos combo that deals extra damage and can hit surrounding enemy units.

All weapons have an impact rating ranging from "XS" to "XL." XS weapons have the highest ATK values, but the smallest impact potential and XL is the opposite.

User Info: talesfan215

6 years ago#24
I figured it out myself, but didn't know about the latter. This game is pretty fun.

Should I get the other Generation of Chaos games? Are they similar?

User Info: holyknight14

6 years ago#25
This one is quite different. The other ones are sort of like classic SRPGs with similarities to Dragon Force. Aedis Eclipse is decent, I've never played the first one that was localized.

User Info: talesfan215

6 years ago#26
I might try Aedis Eclipse. Did a bit of searching.

But what a horrible dub. D: Unless the video I saw was a fan dub.

User Info: achmed1974

6 years ago#27
Unfortunately not with the dub for Aedis. If you own the game already I'd consider the undub. Japan often spares no expense with the talent for their VA's. Of course it helps to have a rich anime culture whereas we get the Hollywood flunkies or relatives of the localizers in some cases lol

User Info: DuFuq

6 years ago#28
where can you see the items that you got from event points? I just want to make sure that I got all these items for these hidden summons.

User Info: holyknight14

6 years ago#29
It would be in the items list. Trying to equip a character will bring up a list.

User Info: defunct32

6 years ago#30
Aedis have JPN audio if I am not mistaken. And yes, if you successfully hit every target by pressing X during battle the circle will be bigger and depending on your weapon's range the circle may be even bigger. XS, S, M, L, L being the best.


Also, this game gets challenging over time and then gets absolutely frustrating at times.. Haha.
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