Best track creation game?

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User Info: forkezan

5 years ago#1
So I loved MNR but was disappointed in the lack of variety of tracks you could make. Although I will admit making tracks was ridiculously easy to learn. How does this game's track editor fare comparatively? And if the track editor is not so great, tell me a game with a better track editor, on any platform. I have really been looking for a racing game with a robust and easy to use track editor and so far MNR is the best but again, limited.
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User Info: AirBorneCoffeeT

5 years ago#2
Well, Little Big Planet Karting's the best track editor out there. The track editor itself is probably 10x as powerful as MNR's when you factor in all of the logic, motors, and your ability to make your own 3D objects. If there's a better track editor, I haven't heard of it. About the only other thing would be if you wanted to make a 3D environment there's Second Life or MineCraft, but oviously those aren't racing games.
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User Info: Remotei

5 years ago#3
This is probably the best if not Trackmania.
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