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User Info: GuiseppeHB

6 years ago#1
So this is my first F1 game. i have played the demo


Im still not sure weather to buy this game or not.For anyone who has played this game before, is it worth buying?

User Info: pjnelson

6 years ago#2
For fans of racing games, especially if they like the world's most-watched motorsport, buying this game isn't an option; it's a must. I wouldn't recommend it for casuals so much, however. Being an F1 game, it only features F1 cars and tracks, and only from the current season, so it won't have the broad spectrum that you might find in something like Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo, so this could be a problem for casuals. Also, F1 is the most intimidating of all motorsports, and casuals may really struggle to find success in a career in an F1 game, even with assists turned on and difficulty dropped.

Your video looks like a poor representation of the gameplay. As soon as the car hits the track the player opted for a crappy view in which you can't even see your car at all and it polluted the track with the race line aid. Whoever is playing is obviously doing so with a controller rather than a wheel, so their car lurches back and forth in a twitchy mess.
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User Info: croc500

6 years ago#3
So do you recommend playing this game with a wheel, if so which one? I have never had much luck with wheels.

User Info: IAMlnDiGNaTioN

6 years ago#4
In my opinion it is definitely worth buying if you don't own F1 2011. I really don't know what to say, i mean you played the demo already so you know controls are great along with everything else. I guess only minus i can think of is you can't play as your favorite driver in career mode.

User Info: Kujaa

6 years ago#5
Its a grate game if you understand how a F1 race car works to some degree. And yes, G27Logitech wheel is your best bet. I cant stand controllers for racing games.
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