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User Info: DragonC4

6 years ago#11
Hi Suvorov,

Like I said originally I'm just going by what a lot of people are saying. I obviously noticed this myself and came here to see if more people from GF were experiencing the same since no topic was opened in regards to this. I'm also going by what @T4RG4 (Creative Director for F1) said a few days ago so I dont think the understeer is a setup problem but more of a development one.

Again, apart from that I am really enjoying the game, just think I would enjoy it even more if this was adjusted properly. I am open to any setup you may have to reduce this understeer so if you do and dont mind sharing it I'll appreciate it a lot.

Many thanks

User Info: jagdpnzr

6 years ago#12
I have only played the demo, however I had the problem as well. I looked at my control setup and noticed that I had the look and steering both set with the left joystick. Once I changed the look button, it seemed to get better.

User Info: diob1

6 years ago#13
As Suvorov mentioned, it's your setup and settings. I had understeer problems using a G25 with playseat. After some tweaking this problem was resolved.
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User Info: Kujaa

6 years ago#14
I dont have understeer issues at low speeds eaither and I use the G27Logitech.

User Info: d0ubl3sh0t

6 years ago#15
The problem is (if you are playing it with a controller) the game wont allow the steering wheel to turn fully . Where in 2011 if you put an input to the controller to turn fully(where you yank the analog stick the left or right), the steering wheel will turn fully. You have to let the car slow enouh the the steering wheel can turn fully
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