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User Info: Weejiez

6 months ago#1
Someone giving me a quest. Does no one do anything for themselves? Enter Atkahtla; Kid wants help finding his mother, Nalia wants her keep taken back, Anomen wants adventure just kidding his sister’s murdered, kid stops me and wants me to save his village, another man wants me to help tradesmeet fight off some attacks, dryads want me to restore them to their home, somebody named Firkraag wants some help in the windshear hills, oh while you’re there help a man recover his kidnapped daughter, back in Atkahtla Yoshimo wants us to help the shadow thieves, shadow thieves want some help as well, also there’s a sick guy who wants you to take him home.

like, Christ, can I get 5 minutes to solve one quest without loading up on 10 others? I feel like the quests should have been spread the f*** out, give some breathing room yeesh.

User Info: AramilOfTusmit

5 months ago#2
Yeah, it can feel overwhelming, but tackle them one at a time and you'll gradually whittle them down. This pretty much stops though, once you collect all the money you need for Gaelen Bayle (or however the hell his name is spelled.) Well, it stops before then, but that puts a pretty definitive end to it, considering that once you give him his money you're pretty much on rails for the remainder of the game.

User Info: Chinmi_Ironfist

2 months ago#3
The bit about gaelan is not quite true. You still have an entire chapter where you can do whatever you want gameplay wise. Just RP wise it doesn't make sense to be faffing about instead of following the main questline

User Info: KenshiroX

3 weeks ago#4
This is Bioware, remember? :)
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  3. Can't walk 10 feet without...
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