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User Info: PhoenixjForsyth

7 years ago#11
Highest I ever got was a 97 that I have for my paladin that I'm using now.

User Info: Talon5967

7 years ago#12
92 on a paladin, with strength reaching 18/80.

Before that, it was a 90 with a mage.
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User Info: Aruezi

7 years ago#13
I wonder... are Paladins set to roll higher stats than the other classes? They always seem to get better rolls when I make one.
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User Info: The Deadpool

The Deadpool
7 years ago#14
I am guessing here but...

Paladins have high mins. So when the game rolls a number lower than the minimum, it rolls again. So the average ends up considerably higher.
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User Info: gamerfreak121

7 years ago#15
Rangers actually have the highest base minimum stats, at 60.

Ranger: 60
Paladin: 57
Bard: 49
Druid: 39
Monk: 36
Sorcerer: 30
Everything else: 24

Didn't check specialist mages.
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User Info: Hentaru

7 years ago#17
You can roll the maximum in every stat slot (which is different depending on race/class) but the odds of getting it are insanely low... it's calculated that you have a better chance of winning the RL lotto. lol. However, if you're patient and don't mind spamming rerolls, you should be able to have 90+ on most characters without issue. I made 3 characters so far in BG:EE with rolls of 90, 92 and 94. You realistically don't need more than 90 points to distribute (even 86+ can usually make a pretty effective character but of course we all want the best!). 90+ is pretty beastly for any class.

My highest "natural" roll was a 96 that I accidently rerolled and finally settled for a 94.

Paladins have higher minimums/requirements and therefore naturally get better rolls. The game rolls each stat separately, this means that the higher minimum stats will always be good so on a paladin you're really only trying to get 2-3 stats to roll high (the required ones will be naturally high) versus other classes where you are hoping 4-5 stats roll high (because only 1-2 are required and have high minimums).

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