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User Info: all_t0rque

6 years ago#1
I came back to this game tonight, I completed Episode 3 last month and only just got hold of number 4.
When I press on Play Now the 3 save file slots come up, one of which I've used, it says Episode 3 on it so I press on it.

After I press A it takes me to where you choose the Episodes, so I flick across to Number 4 and try to start it but then it comes up with a message asking if I want random choices to have been made in skipped Episodes.

I sure that before when I've come back to the game I've just pressed continue or something.

Can someone tell me what SHOULD happen, if you finish an episode then come back, does it always ask you about random decisions? Or does it normally just let you carry on?

Finally....is my game save dead?

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