So, is this worth it?

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User Info: JumpinJeffLuger

6 years ago#1
liked the demo, love the comics/TV series, loved Back to the Future: The Game.

Is it worth paying 400 points for each episode? or can I buy a season pass?
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User Info: codyallen25

6 years ago#2
At 400 points it is basically like 5-7 bucks, and it was well worth it. if your going for all of them then $7 a month is still very cheap, I spend more then that on coffee alone in a week.
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User Info: BigTlovesBEER

6 years ago#3
400 points is $5. If you like a a game and think you'll play through it, $5 is nothing.

User Info: M_de_graaff

6 years ago#4
No season pass on 360. I would say it's worth it. The way I see it, by the time all five episodes are released you will have a 10 to 15 hour games for 25 bucks. That's almost the same amount of time as regular games these days for not even half the price.
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User Info: jarhead1990

6 years ago#5
I found the game to be really short, I just wish I didn't have to wait though.

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