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User Info: Hiroshi_Mishima

6 years ago#1
I tried looking through the threads, but nothing caught my eye and several searches turned up nothing.. so I figure I'll just say what's on my mind here in a new thread.

I said elsewhere on this board.. I'm not really a fan of the series but so far this game's been pretty good and I've enjoyed myself. It's much better than the gameplay of Jurassic Park (no QTEs everywhere) and you don't nearly as pressured during most of the game. However, one thing does bother me and that's "hurry the frick up and make a gods-damned choice!!!" when it comes to dialogue. I like to think about my options and choose one I feel best suits me or what kind of playthrough I'm going with at the time.

I understand that in situations where the cop is about to hit the zombie, or you have to save somebody, you gotta make a quick decision.. but there's no reason your normal dialogue has to be quick. In fact, a fair amount of the game's dialogue at the Drugstore isn't timed at all and it made me question why most of the other dialogue is even more.

I can't pause and look at the dialogue that way. I certainly can't look up a guide that simply lists all the dialogue but not the outcomes (that'd be really handy though, FAQ writers). In some cases, I have like a second to make a choice and that could run out just trying to read the damned options.

Sadly, I'm pretty sure this is gonna last the whole game and not be changed by the next episode. Although, that'd certainly be nice. Hell, even an option to turn that off for those of us who don't play games by the edge of our seats normally would be nice.

I'm sure people will disagree with me (someone always does), and it won't stop me playing the game. It's just a gripe I have, probably the only one, with the game's design and something I wish the player could turn off. I'm not a "casual" gamer by any means (not after 25+ years of doing this) but I do enjoy taking my time, particularly in something like this where my choices can and will have impacts on the storyline even if it's only a minor one.

User Info: OutlawJT

6 years ago#2
Being able to turn the dialogue timer off would defeat the point of the game. The entire game is meant to put us in the moment. Realistically sometimes we have time to carefully consider what we're going to say and other times we have to just speak quickly or fail to influence the situation at all. If we could always take the time to consider what we're going to say, even when people are getting ready to kill each other, it would destroy the flow of the game and disconnect us from the moment.

That being said, not everyone reads at the same speed. I am neither a slow nor a fast reader but for a couple of the dialogue choices I barely had enough time to read all the options. Especially the timer for the zombie in the road (which I can only read three of the four options before the timer runs out). Removing the timer would be disastrous to the game but adding a speed option to slow it down a little would be an excellent idea to help gamers who don't read as quickly.

User Info: pokemonmaster0

6 years ago#3
OutlawJT posted...
Being able to turn the dialogue timer off would defeat the point of the game. The entire game is meant to put us in the moment.

More or less this, I admit a few choices didn't really need them but when your in a life and death scenario it would be kind of silly having all the time in the world to think what you say. Zombies don't like waiting =P

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