That girl is gonna die.

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User Info: Horse8771

6 years ago#21
Thanks. I made the mistake of forgetting the Major part of the tag in another thread and someone complained.

I'll label however people want. I know how it feels to have something spoiled for you.
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User Info: StaticPenguin

6 years ago#22
While I understand the Walking Dead doesn't shy from death. You guys need to understand the hatred media has for video games, especially Fox. I'm not going to say it's safe to say Clem and Duck are fine but I don't see dying children flying by the media without being noticed.
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User Info: VincentVega

6 years ago#23
No one cares what Fox thinks. Besides its an election year. They've got bigger fish to fry.
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User Info: CarsAndGuitarsx

6 years ago#24
FinzFan4life posted...
going too far .

You're welcome. :)
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User Info: pillerofautumn

6 years ago#25

From: VincentVega | #023
No one cares what Fox thinks. Besides its an election year. They've got bigger fish to fry.

You underestimate mass media.

User Info: FinzFan4life

6 years ago#26
CarsAndGuitarsx posted...
FinzFan4life posted...
going too far .

You're welcome. :)

Okay grammar Nazi.
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User Info: OutlawJT

6 years ago#27
I am pretty sure Clem will survive but I wouldn't be surprised if Clem getting bitten was a twist at the end. I can picture the fade to black where you hear Lee crying as a gunshot sounds just before the final credits roll. I think Duck is fair game and there will be another choice with him where he actually can die in episode 4. I do believe that even if kids die in the game what's shown will be minimal. At worst I think we'll see a bite to the arm or leg and get a mercy kill where the camera focuses on the person pulling the trigger and the kid is off screen or partially blocked from view. I have no doubt Telltale is willing to kill off a child character or two but I'm certain even they won't be willing to show any brutality around it.

User Info: Pat6578

6 years ago#28
Duck needs to die.. Don't get me wrong, Kenny and Katjaa are cool, but Duck pisses me off beyond anything.. If Clementine does get bitten or, accidentally shot by Carley's trigger finger, Or Duck annoys her to death, I'd be sincerely sad, but I'm sure She'll make it through, it'd definitely be unexpected to see her die, even if you're prepared for the worst. F*** Duck though. If Duck gets bitten, I'm going to laugh, laugh, laugh. I picked Shawn over Duck, and if There's more situations where I have to save someone or Duck, it's always going to be the other person, because Duck sucks.
~ Pat

User Info: Pat6578

6 years ago#29
And another thing, outside of the confines of the Video game, Why does the media give a sh** what happens to kids in Video Games... It's alright to annihilate Adults in ways that revolve around brutality, (Shooting, Stabbing, Torture Chambers, Ripping Off Heads, Eaten Alive, Thrown off Cliffs, lit on fire, Drowning, Spilling blood, etc.) But if a Child dies, (Oh! Oh! Oh! BAN THIS VIDEO GAME BECAUSE THEY'RE PROMOTING CHILD ABUSE AND CHILD MURDER) F*** The F*** Off.. Kids die everyday, it's not always pretty, and it's always a real life situation, but where's the media in that situation. Frickin Corrupt... It'd be awesome to see Duck die, forget what the Media has to say, besides that it's an election year anyway, It's not like they're all searching for Children dying in video games as another reason to complain..
~ Pat

User Info: M_de_graaff

6 years ago#30
At this point I feel it would be more surprising if the kids actually survive seeing how most of you expect (or want) them to die. I also doubt Clementine will get bitten any time soon. You can see her on the screen for episode 5 where the DLC is announced and she looks unbitten.

As for me, I'm not a big fan of Duck, but I will still do my best to keep him safe. If only so that Clementine will have someone of her own age around.
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