Is anyone REALLY upset at the main character being black?

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  3. Is anyone REALLY upset at the main character being black?

User Info: JudoThrow5

5 years ago#11
Was it supposed to? I don't really notice races these days, just if a guy is an ******* or not lol.
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User Info: cougertheclown

5 years ago#12
I don't even care about what color he is
I just care about two things in the whole game.
1.) Surviving.
2.) Killing Walkers.
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User Info: HellJumper_SK

5 years ago#13
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User Info: blackdeeds

5 years ago#15
I think the writing is really well done and he's not just a one-dimensional character; he could have been anyone, even his gender hardly matters, at least so far. They did a good job of making him a relevant and interesting character while simultaneously making him a blank slate that let's the gamer project their personality onto him at the same time.
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User Info: Logarius

5 years ago#16
DetectivPenguin posted...
From: JohnnyMarcone | #006
Exactly this.
From: Carpetfluff | #005
Didn't even think about it until people kept mentioning it. He's just a guy.
There is one key difference between truth and fiction...
Fiction has to make sense.

User Info: dre9516

5 years ago#17
Well, he was a criminal on his way to prison of course he's a black guy.

jp, I didn't even give his skin color a second thought.

User Info: Dev445

5 years ago#18
lovelessk posted...
pokemonmaster0 posted...
Doesn't bother me. (I'm white)


As long as he's not a cliche abomination like Cole Train "Wooo wooo, all aboard for some blackface and purple drank!" then I could care less.

The MC in this is from my culture. That's the only thing that keeps me in the moment.

If he was a hood rat or genteel 15th century noble, I couldn't relate and wouldn't want to play him.

Whoa dere, the Cole Train is da man. He's one of the more popular characters in GOW BABY!
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User Info: 3D3

5 years ago#19
I actually like Lee, he's got a pretty cool voice.
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User Info: M_Live

5 years ago#20
pokemonmaster0 posted...
Doesn't bother me. (I'm white)

Basically like this. Lee's a great character (well, I made him very likeable in my first playthrough.) Race shouldn't matter at all to anyone, especially in a fictional game.
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  2. The Walking Dead: Episode 1 - A New Day
  3. Is anyone REALLY upset at the main character being black?

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