What ethnicity is Clementine?

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User Info: Kagami84

6 years ago#1
Clementine is adorable and nowhere near as annoying as most in game children. I look at the picture of her parents her mother looks very light skin and I can't tell what she is. Could be asian, hispanic or light skin black? Then I see their daughter and still can't tell. Her skin is also very light and her eyes look a little asian. It's not that serious I'm just curious.

User Info: HughJorgenn

6 years ago#2
I think she is a........wait why does it matter?

User Info: darkelfkiller

6 years ago#3
I was under the assumption she was a VERY light skinned mixed race. That or she was white and the shading in the game was making it too hard to tell.

Edit: Why does this matter? lol
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User Info: Kagami84

6 years ago#4
HughJorgenn posted...
I think she is a........wait why does it matter?

I said it wasn't that serious. I'm just curious. You don't have to answer. It doesn't matter since it won't effect my view of the story.

User Info: Zangan_Zack

6 years ago#5
From the photo I kind of inferred that her mother is white and father is black, but not that it really matters all that much.
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User Info: Snake_Gauntlet

6 years ago#6
I didn't get a great look at her mom, but she looks hella Blasian.
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User Info: Moses_A_Rose

6 years ago#7

Her mother looked mixed and her father black. SO i think clementine would be 25% white and 75% black. But that's just me putting alot of thought into it.

User Info: SiLVeR_420

6 years ago#8
Shes mixed african american.
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She honestly looks like she could be anything
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User Info: Kagami84

6 years ago#10
Pirate King Atomsk posted...
She honestly looks like she could be anything

Ha. She's an unknown.

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