3g effectiveness

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User Info: Blueidolo

4 years ago#1
So, the internet at my school is having authenticity issues, and I haven't been able to log into the network on my vita because of it for the past few days. Yesterday, I broke down and looked into tethering / 3g options. I ended up buying the 3gb data plan for my vita and proceeded to walk around campus playing PSO. The connectivity / lag was impressive, and after an hour of so of play, (mostly accounted for by solo missions) I had downloaded 2mb of data and uploaded 1mb of data. That puts the amount of hours I can play on the go around 400+, optimistically, for the $30 I had to pay for the plan.

User Info: scaleofjudgment

4 years ago#2
Interesting, I wonder how much data is taken when on a full PSE Burst with other players or for an dark falz event...
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