I went back and played SimCity 2000... (A letter sent to EA)

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User Info: clowning

4 years ago#11
SC2000 was my favorite SC game. To this day, I still think it is the best city simulator ever created. And you're right, it is sad that given todays massive budgets and far superior computers, a company can't seem to even match a 20 year old game, much less beat it out in any department beyond graphics.
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User Info: 2pp3nd1x

4 years ago#12
I like the letter, I never played SimCity 2000 but now I want to.

User Info: AnonUnknown

4 years ago#13
EA's possible reply:

Hi OmfgitsBlah,

Please contact the EA Customer Experience.
There are two ways.
1. Direct to http://help.origin.com (click “Contact US”).
2. At Origin client:
First please confirm your Origin language is “English US”.
(Click “Origin” --> Application settings --> General tab --> Origin Client Language-->English US.)
Then click "Help"(top left corner) --> “Origin Help” (menu option) --> Live Chat (top right corner of the Origin Help page).


User Info: Gastroid

4 years ago#14
SimCity 2000, as a simulation, really was ahead of its time. It built upon the original SimCity so well and refined the concept of city building to truly amazing levels for when the game was made. SimCity 3000 and 4 continued in advancing the simulation and provided a more graphically detailed experience, but 2000 was definitely the most innovative of the games.
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User Info: OmfgitsBlah

4 years ago#15
MysticB121 posted...
I see 2000 is only $5.99 on GOG. Really tempted by it.

You should. As long as you're used to/can look past 1993 graphics, it was truly a paragon of gaming.

Unfortunately I've never played 2000, out of interest how does 2000 compare with 3000? 3000 currently being my favourite.

3000's a bit more advanced, with more intracity stuff, disasters, detailing and better graphics. I'd say it's better in most aspects, but 2000 was my childhood, so I nostalgia all over for 2000.

I like the letter, I never played SimCity 2000 but now I want to.

Do it. It's worth your time for sure.
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User Info: krazy168

4 years ago#16
Lord_Vader posted...
True. This game is much more simplified than it's predecessors. It might be a good game on its own (once all the bugs are fixed) but it really isn't the SimCity we all knew and grew up with. This is pretty much SimTown.

I agree with this 100%, However this can be said for most games(series). Let's not forget that the consumer market for gaming has changed greatly and now is the era of casuals.
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User Info: lv54spacemonkey

4 years ago#17
I quite like the simplification. Never liked the different density zoning thing. I know it gave more freedom but I prefer to watch my city gradually build up. They haven't got it quite perfect here though. I would have preferred if the zoning was still handled as a drag and drop space and then in low density areas the game would automatically build houses within those spaces. Having to always attach parks to a road is odd as well. Why not have a pond in the middle of a housing area? The player feedback seems to be pretty clear in this one, which I like. I need to play SimCity 4 sometime though seeing as everyone seems to prefer it.
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User Info: ManiusPrime

4 years ago#18
I have to argue on the spreading fires. I have been playing SimCity online. I couldn't afford much of a fire department. So when I had a meteor strike a couple buildings caught fire. Then every building next to those buildings. It was interesting given it was made to look like Detroit. The history of Detroit has a great fire that destroyed the original downtown.

Fires do very much spread. I had to destroy every building around them and dezone until the fires went out. It was worse they had disabled Cheetah speed from working right. It took forever for half my city t stop burning.

User Info: TalesOfGod

4 years ago#19
OmfgitsBlah posted...
roos1046 Reborn posted...
I'm lazy and think anything over 100 words is a wall of text, no matter the formatting

Eh, roos is just ignorant. Anyways, great letter! (If you actually sent it)

User Info: OmfgitsBlah

4 years ago#20
A bump for contemplativeness.
If inflaton turns $3 into $0, then $6 turns into $3. -Orca
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