It's nearly impossible to complete this event without friends visiting your town

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User Info: OkayPlayer1

3 years ago#11
FlamedLiquid02 posted...
TriangularTwig posted...
You need to get 40,000 to get everything from the event. 1000 a day from daily quests + 50 a day from parchment + a few thousand from the quests + you can get 300 a day from visiting friends if you only tap on stonecutters lodge for emblems. + 20 every 8 hours from the chest. plus al the members of the order. Plus if you add 100 ppl here on gamefaqs then you will definitely be getting visits from friends daily. you can get to 40,000 a week before the event ends, which is what I'm on track for. I've got 29,607 and I haven't spent a single donut.

You can do it even if your friends don't visit you. This isn't the easter event where it was mathematically improbable to get everything, you can get everything if you do it right.

My username is Twiggeh, T is pretty close to the end of the alphabet. I get a ton of visits every day from strangers on gamefaqs.

Anyway how is it that I have 12,000 emblems more htan you? I know you made this topic yesterday but you can't get 12,000 emblems in one day

40,000? Guy in another topic said 35,000.

It is 35k confirmed for everything 1000% guaranteed. And I said I missed a few days at the start (only 2), and I've missed getting the full 1000 from daily tasks a day or two (I can't get full 1000 when it's two 6 and two 4 hour tasks). My username starts with O and if I get 10 visits a day I'm lucky. And I don't have near the time to find 60 lodges to tap on each day, just visiting friends can be time consuming enough.

I have no idea how you have 12k more than me, looking through my friends list that amount is well above the norm anyway. And I'm still only 1400 behind the daily targets to reach it all so 12k extra is beyond excessive.

I just wish they had any tasks that generated emblems so I'm not so reliant on others visiting or playing multiple times a day every day, especially when the event is designed around limiting how many emblems you can get by visiting friends.

And to hit your numbers you would've needed 1850 per day since the event started. Even with how you broke down the numbers that is a hard level to hit daily without friends visiting you, even if you do everything possible everyday.

User Info: TriangularTwig

3 years ago#12
Oh my bad. I thought it was 40 k. That makes it even easier than I thought

Sorry I missed that you missed a few days but its still possible. I learned to multi task visiting friends a long time ago. Usually I do it while I brush my teeth in the morning then at night. Only takes one hand. I coulda had 1200 emblems more but I couldn't do some daily quests
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  3. It's nearly impossible to complete this event without friends visiting your town

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