Which is the best out of these in your opinion?

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User Info: rexcrk

3 years ago#1
So I finally have a lot of donuts to spend (220) and I've had my eye on a few different premium items. For anyone that has these, which do you like the best?

I'm thinking of picking either:

The Duff Brewery with Duffman

Volcanic Lair with Hank Scorpio (this the one I'm leaning towards the most because "You Only Live Twice" is one of my favorite episodes)

The school bus with Otto

Stu's Disco with Disco Stu
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User Info: Amlinds

3 years ago#2
The Volcano Lair. It's animation when it's being used for a task is one of the best. Hank's flamethrowing task is cool as well. He's not voiced though.

Duff Brewery would be my second choice. He is voiced so that's a plus. His animations are cool. He rides a segway around advertising or dances in front of various buildings (school, church, Moes, brewery) depending on the length of task. I think he also hovers about duff stadium? (if you managed to get that during one if the past events)

User Info: flyincheezweez

3 years ago#3
Your top two choices are both very good. I give a slight edge to Duffman due to him being voiced and the brewery making more sense in the town. I do think that the animation of the volcano lair is awesome though. As far as tasks go, each has one of my favorites. Scorpio has a 6-hour Fun Run task where he is in gym clothes, jogging barefoot and he has an 8-hour Test Flamethrower task where he walks around maniacally firing a flamethrower. Duffman dances and thrusts his pelvis outside the brewery, the elementary school, and Moe's. He also has a jet pack to hover around Duff Stadium and rides a Segway around promoting Duff. I give a slight (very slight) edge to Duffman, but it could go the other way very easily.

User Info: jondias

3 years ago#4
Duffman is here to refill your beer!
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User Info: McNabFish

3 years ago#5
That's a mug you don't want to chug... Oh no!
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  3. Which is the best out of these in your opinion?

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