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User Info: crescent33

7 years ago#1
Is anyone else having this problem? I turned off push notifications in an attempt to save battery, but alerts for this just keep popping up anyway. I just had an embarrassing moment at in my quiet cramped office where homer cried out "visitors!? I better keep my pants on!"
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User Info: FonixWerks

7 years ago#2
Hahahahhaa that's funny...
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User Info: GodsandHeroes

7 years ago#3
I'm having the same problem, any fixes? All push notifications for my phone are turned off yet I will still having Homer yelling at me whenever, lol.

User Info: Geoffd0101

7 years ago#4
I am getting the same problem, being woken up to homer at 3 in the morning....

If anyone finds a fix please let me know

User Info: Evo_XX

7 years ago#5
Hy guys!

I had the same problem, the solution ist to downgrade to v. 2.1.0.
Now i don´t get any notifications.
Just delete the app and install the old version.
Download: h**p://ul.to/twazvuai

I hope this helps.
Have fun ;)

User Info: Geoffd0101

7 years ago#6
I read another discussion board that said to turn your phone off and on, It didnt notify me about a 45 second mission. Ill do a longer one and let you know

User Info: Nodion

7 years ago#7
Ye. My wife's phone woke us up 3 times over the course of the early hours of the morning. was annoying as hell

I did everything ...

Set notifications off (EVEN THE MAIN NOTIFICATION OFF)
Resetted the app
resetted the phone

I'm on the brink of uninstalling this game
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