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User Info: ps3veron

6 years ago#1
All mine...and I'll take the pacific too!

Seriously, what is this game? a flight sim?

User Info: guwa

6 years ago#2
Hello, proud settler! I have come to you today to deliver a notice of annexation! You see, the glorious guwan empire to your north, south, east and west wishes to add this board to its vast domain! This operation will be executed by 2,401,694 of our elite alt soldiers at dawn tomorrow. Any resistance will be swiftly dealt with, so do not try anything.

Have a nice day!

User Info: baby ice dog

baby ice dog
6 years ago#3
It's less sim, more arcadey. It varies from the usual arcade flyer by letting you swap between the pilots of a whole squadron of planes, as well as having some sections where you look out for trouble from the watchtower of the carrier.
-: bite first, ask questions later :-
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