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slk_23 1 month ago#1
If I remember correctly, Pokemon Platinum (2009) and HeartGold/SoulSilver (2010) were received extremely well. After that came Black/White (2011) on the same Nintendo DS, and that was released to okay reception. It may have to do with being a soft reboot of the series with none of the familiar 493 Pokemon from the first four generations, but people didn't seem to treat Black/White so warmly. In other words, it was considered a step down for the series, perhaps due to being radically different from its predecessors. Then came Black 2 and White 2 (2012), which were largely the same game, yet treated much more favorably. However, I only ever hear people talk about B2/W2 when the discussion is about Pokemon World Tournament. Is being able to rematch old Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Champions from the previous games really such a big deal, or is there more to these sequels?
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Saginaim 1 month ago#2
I get the impression that post-game tournament modes are the main thing that the hardcore Pokemon fandom cares about the most in general. Seems to be why Emerald's Battle Frontier is also held in such high regards?

Never played BW2 but the single player in BW1 didn't really feel appreciably different from what Ru/Sa or D/P did, and the way the main game works in BW2 sounds like it also works the same way.
Big Note: I might be a bit biased since BW and BW2 were my first ever Pokemon Games.

In my opinion, I think BW was received negatively at first (it's like the opposite now) since it was very different from the other games, GameFreak tried something new and tried to stray away from the norm of the originals. (Animated Pokemon, A more fleshed-out story, literal philosophical questions about if pokemon should be captured and fought with, etc.) What BW2 did was sort of improve on the original like adding the original pokemon back in, character development for characters (e.g Charen, N, Bianca). Plus, you started in a different place so it was sort of like unlocking a different part of the region to explore. Overall I thought BW2 was very good, even if the PWT didn't exist.
Sharkwars 1 month ago#4
The PWT does add a lot of gameplay to the games as the champions tourney takes a while to strategize and beat, however the games have a lot more postgame, the pokestar studios, battle subway, hard mode and easy mode, the medal rally, and, my personal favorite, Join Avenue. which I'm level 95 on after 200 days.
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anchan91 3 weeks ago#5
PWT is the best battle tower style area the series has ever done. No need to go through 20 easy trainers just to get to the challenging one like in the battle frontier. But there’s way more to the games. Black Tower/White Treehollow are one of my favorite things in the game. Having to find doctors and making your Pokémon survive through a gauntlet is something the series has never done since, and getting a shiny reward is awesome, even if Garchomp doesn’t look any different. Also great for level grinding.

the post game is huge compared to the first one, there’s lots of new areas, new Pokémon, hidden grottos, awesome new music like Colress’ theme, improved battle backgrounds, qol tweaks like the repel feature, overall just countless differences and improvements over the comparatively mediocre first games.
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nunogomes21 3 weeks ago#6
I heavily enjoyed the main story component.
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NeoPhantom 1 week ago#7
Playing the two games consecutively really gives both a big boost due to seeing how the region changes after the timeskip. You dont really see things like that except SGC when you go back to Kanto.

The GYMs are completely different, either remodeled or having been changed for another GYM entirely.

You see the split in the evil team into two separate forces and their interactions.

Routes and encounter tables have changed drastically over the two years. An entire route is closed due to a collapse.

Even random NPCs have history to them to discover, such as an old man and his Petilil which was alive in one game and dead in the next. Or the old man that released his pokemon so it wouldnt be sad and miss him when he eventually died. A lot of sadness because of the actions of Team Plasma in the region, which makes those events feel much more real and meaningful than the ones of other games, with lasting effects.

Beyond just having a better worldbuilding in comparison to other Pokemon games, there was indeed the PWT which allowed you to get and spend BP early in the story for items, instead of in postgame like other games. Also a lot of battle items can even be found in the wild such as Flame/Toxic Orb and Choice Band, making use of them in the story possible and in competitive much more accesible.

Pokestar Studios and the Musical were niche but neat side activities as well. And the Hidden Grottos while a bit annoying, did provide an in-game way to access Hidden Abilities for the first time in BW2. Access is better now in SWSH, but basically non-existing in XY/ORAS.


The major complaints in the past for these games were:
1) BW only new Pokemon until post-game.
2) A lot of healers in most large locations.
3) Shaking Grass Audino making exp farming easier (stupid as the level increase between some GYMs is a bit large)
4) Competitive Weather Wars (Politoad notably)
5) Pokemon no longer following you.
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KingArc 1 week ago#8
I kinda liked B/W but I reapply like B2/W2. It really just feels like a more complete experience. There's plenty of content and they've added older mons throughout the game pre post-game. PWT is really a nice addition, but I could never say I liked it only because of it. It's sad that I've skipped it during release and only like a year ago picked it up, but none of my friends play it anymore or even have access to doing so.

It's a really nice overall package and I think it's up there with HG/SS and Platinum. You literally can't go wrong with anyone of those.
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