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User Info: meznu

4 weeks ago#1
I’ve seen lists for ALL of the Gen V Mystery Gifts, but can anyone confirm what’s definitely available in Black 2?

I’m getting nothing but repeats now, but I got:

• Liberty Pass

• Victini

• Meloetta

• Reshiram/Zekrom
*Be careful! Both are available, but once you accept one, you can’t take the other!

• Keldeo

• Genesect

• Deoxys

• Mewtwo w/ King’s Rock

• Darkrai

• Shiny Dialga*

• Shiny Palkia*

• Zoroark

• OT: Fes Pikachu w/ Light Ball

• Scrafty w/ Leftovers

• Shelmet w/ Bug Gem

• Egg (Mystery Anime OT)

…So, there are two I really wanted that I haven’t received: Shiny Giratina and Pikachu w/ Fly (Move). Has anyone received these in Black 2, or any others? Or is the list above all you can get?

It surprises me that I could get Shiny Dialga and Palkia, but Giratina wouldn’t be available; those three were all distributed at the same time during the event.

Thanks for any help!

If anyone knows an active community for Black 2 players in 2019, I’d love to know that, too. Thanks!
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User Info: Moostache7

4 weeks ago#2
There is a Discord server that hosts discussion for Trade and Battle topics for Generations 4 (DPPl, HGSS), 5.0 (B&W), and 5.2 (B2W2), if you have an account. I'll send a link if you do (I'll wait to post it since don't want the link to time out if I send it and you still need to set up an account).

There's also here on GameFAQs - not a ton of people are super serious on here, but if you're patient people should respond. I don't have any 5.2 games but I do have Black, so whatever modes are compatible between base 5.0 and the re-releases I'd definitely be interested in.

In regards to your list, I was able to receive a Tournament Ludicolo, Tournament Smeargle, Tournament Cloyster, Ray Rizzo's shiny Metagross, a second Mewtwo (different than the King's Rock event), a second Keldeo (also with different moves), shiny Larvitar, Karrablast w/ Bug Gem and another Pikachu.
If I'm not forgetting one, the list should come to 27 Mystery Gifts (26 monsters+Liberty Pass).
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User Info: elconoM

4 weeks ago#3
Wasn’t there transfer rewards from Pokémon Conquest? How did that work?
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User Info: drakearys

4 weeks ago#4
I've been refreshing the mystery gift screen as well. I only get repeats today and it's the exact list of the ones you've mentioned. However, I did receive the flying Pikachu two days ago as well as other event Pikachu's. So there's still hope.

I'd be willing to trade you the Pikachu if you could help me get a Smeargle over to my game. I have one in my White copy but can't trade via GTS into Black 2 because Smeargle isn't in my Pokedex. I also only have one console too.

My friend code is: 2239-3880-1132