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User Info: Anonymous_Llama

1 month ago#1
I'm trying to get through all the trains in the Battle Subway. I've gotten through the Single, Double, and Multi Trains, I just have all the Super trains left. I was making a team for the Super Singles train and realized that I had the wrong ability for Durant. I then realized that I needed a Durant with Truant, which was previously available through the Dream World, which is now closed.

Since the exploit was found where the GTS could be accessed, I've tried for the last few days to obtain a Durant with Truant through GTS trading, but have failed.

Is there any other legitimate way to obtain one? Does anyone perhaps have an extra one that they don't need? I'm starting to lose hope lol.

User Info: Moostache7

4 weeks ago#2

(Don't want this to get archived, so I apologize in advance if any or all of this information you already knew...)

Of all the Generations, I might know V the least well (and 5.2 even less), but a quick look at the Ability page on Bulbapedia shows that there are a limited number of monsters with their Hidden Abilities available in normal, offline play. Looking at the Hidden Grotto page (as the Hidden Grotto enables you to catch monsters with a high probability of having their Hidden Ability), it appears there are no Hidden Grottoes that allow Durant to spawn. The list provided on the Ability page also lists several other specific monsters that can be caught outside of the Hidden Grottoes, but none of them include Durant.

The eShop exclusive game Dream Radar also allows for obtaining Hidden Ability monsters through offline play, but none of those include Durant either.

Apologies if you knew this already, but nobody had replied to your original post and I felt bad so I figured I'd share. In short, the answer to your first question is: no, there no longer seems to be a legitimate way in Generation 5.0 or 5.2 to obtain a Durant with it's Hidden Ability, without trading.

Without having luck on the GTS, you have a few options.
Firstly, there is at least one Discord server (if you have that application) where a bunch of people involved in AltWFC play for both Generation 4 and 5 get together and organize Link Trades, GTS trades, battling, and cooperative (Battle Frontier, Battle Subway, etc.) play. I'll link it here if you'd like, but I'll wait to post an invite link so that it doesn't time out before you get to it, so just let me know.
Your second option is probably not at all what you're looking for since you opened with wanting to do all of this for the purpose of completing the Super Trains in Battle Subway. If all you wanted, however, was to obtain a Hidden Ability Durant, Generation 6 games (specifically, for Durant, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby) have several mechanics that allow you to get Hidden Ability monsters. Like I said, I'm assuming you're looking for a solution specifically in Generation 5, so that wouldn't help you in that case.

I've been looking for Hidden Ability offers myself, with no luck. A kind person over GTS sent me some Dream World Munna's, but that's about it.
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