Is the level curve on Challenge Mode really brutal or am I just a bad trainer?

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  3. Is the level curve on Challenge Mode really brutal or am I just a bad trainer?

User Info: Dawngarde

7 months ago#1
I've been training my Pokemon evenly. I have Whimsicott, Darmanitan, Azumarill, Magnezone, and Fraxure, with the Mandibuzz from Route 4 for Cut and Fly utility but not much combat worth.

When I reached Skyla, her Pokemon were all around Lv 40 while my team was just barely above Lv 30. I actually DID try to grind when I got to Reversal Mountain and I tried to match the curve, so I stopped once they all reached Lv 40 or so and then proceeded like normal. Now I'm at Opelucid City and my team is just barely reaching mid 40s and I know Drayden has a massive Lv 52 Haxorus waiting for me.

Am I just doing something wrong or is being underleveled the biggest challenge the game throws at you? I'm strongly considering grinding again. I like a challenge, but being almost ten levels behind the curve sometimes is really, really worrying.
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User Info: Galdr

7 months ago#2
I suggest grinding some more and coming up to at least 3-4 levels under the new area/gym. If you haven't done it yet, save before, enter the gym and fight the first trainer. If your strongest Pokemon is underleveled by more than four levels (or you have looked up the Challenge Mode differences), reset the game and go grind again. Challenge Mode will do that throughout most of the game to keep you on your toes and so you cannot possibly sweep through the game... Except, you know, if you have level 100's on you and they are yours prior to the 8th badge.

You're not doing anything wrong. Just keep grinding if you need to in order for your Pokemon to catch up. It might seem jarring but if you keep at it, it'll become rewarding and you can eventually start "cheesing" it once your Pokemon get stronger. Don't give up and keep at it!
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User Info: EmperorTFS

6 months ago#3
the "challenge" mode only makes you more overlevelled so im going to have to go with the latter

User Info: Namedoesntfi

6 months ago#4
Don't skip any trainers. You can get away it on other modes, but Challenge Mode, not so much.

I make sure to fight every trainer before I beat the elite four because I'm compulsive anyway, and the only fight that gave me trouble was the first gym leader fight. (I caught a Riolu, too. It was still tough.)
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User Info: gbchaosmaster

6 months ago#5
git gud scrub

It's just way more easier for GF to up the difficulty through leveling up, so it figures it'd have to force you to do some extra leveling.
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  3. Is the level curve on Challenge Mode really brutal or am I just a bad trainer?

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