AR code for specific (unobtainable) medals?

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User Info: SuperNerdSoren

6 months ago#1
With both the Global Link and online service discontinued, are there any codes for the US version of Black 2 (and maybe White 2) to give me these medals?

Global Link medals:
Dozing Capture
Sleeping Capture
Deep Sleep Capture
Sweet Dreamer
Good Night

Pal Pad medals:
First Friend
Extensive Friendship
Broad Friendship
Global Connection

The only codes I've seen just gives you EVERY medal, which is what I don't want since there's a way to get the others legitimately. From what I've read, you need to interact with other players in order to get the Pal Pad ones instead of just registering random codes, which you can't really do with the service discontinued.
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  3. AR code for specific (unobtainable) medals?

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