The Most Forgettable Gym Leader, and The Most Memorable

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User Info: Gardevoir47

5 years ago#1
This is impossible to put as a poll so... just list what you think. It can be from any generation.

I say:

Most Forgettable: 6th Gym leader of Sinnoh

Most Memorable: 7th Gym Leader of Hoenn


Well... I don't see him as very special, he just seemed... there.

Tate and Lisa (or is it Liza?) were the only Double Battle Gym Leaders ever. That is until everyone became every type of battle...
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User Info: Dragon5555DDU

5 years ago#2
Most forgetable- Wattson.

Most memorable- Brock

Completly imo
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User Info: TherianReturns

5 years ago#3
I forgot Juan, and I will never forget Elesa. erg
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User Info: FullMetalBox

5 years ago#4
Most Forgettable- Juan he just seemed to be there.

Most memorable-Brock- He was the first one.

User Info: Smogoon

5 years ago#5
Forgettable: probably a 3rd gen leader.

And I can never forget about Elesa. -
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User Info: wind64a

5 years ago#6
Most Forgettable: Roxanne

Most Memorable: Norman

reasoning: Roxanne's Gym was basically a copy of Brock's. Plus there were other things in her city that had importance long after you defeated her. Her gym is kind of overshadowed by Mr. Stone.

Norman is the only main protagonist's father we actually know about.
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User Info: BankaiSix

5 years ago#7
Totally forgot about Byron when I was trying to list all Gym Leaders the other day.

Most memorable is.... Brock?
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User Info: coreekymon

5 years ago#8
Most forgettable: Juan, I literally couldn't remember who he was when I saw him in PWT.

Most memorable: I don't know there are several good ones, blue I guess.
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User Info: RaynorEX

5 years ago#9
One time, I forgot Pryce existed. I was mentally running through all of the gym leaders, and I kept getting stuck at the 7th gym of Johto.

I doubt I'd forget Norman, especially after how tense my battle with him was in my first run of Sapphire.
It came down to his second slaking, and a 15 levels under leveled Makuhita. I was lucky he kept using focus punch; Makuhita kept using Vital Throw to stop his punches. That battle really taught me not only that I couldn't rely on a single over leveled Pokémon always, and that priority is weird.

User Info: thescorpion

5 years ago#10
Most Memorable: Sabrina (She turned Brock and Misty into dolls in the anime)
Most Forgettable: All of the Gym Leaders of Orange League which were only in the anime.
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