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User Info: PF1900

5 years ago#1
Please make an offer in EP for one or more of the following.

AA+ sickle leg centipede lvl 7
AA explosive demon lvl 33
AA Aura fist Gulph times two
AA red light soruluna times two
A+ elf commander
A+ twin blade spirit doll lvl 27
A+ scorn black wings times two
A+ naga
A+ hell hammer spider
A+ Beelzebub lvl 31
A two faces devil lvl 30
A ancient huge statue lvl 31
A blood blob
A child of purification
A jiansgshi fighter lvl 60 skill lvl 4
A Centaurus
A anomalocaris
A slaughter bee queen
A plague dragon lvl 60 skill lvl 3
A hellfire talos
A flaming death wheels
A sear djinn
A Charon of hatred lvl 28 skill lvl 2
A uncouth child
A crimson lion guardian
A hell scythe mantis
A naga times two
A serpent demon
A scorn black wings
A Hammer of hell
A lindwurm
A shields of steel
A sea of clouds dragon
I also have 24 b+ or b cards with skills.

I am willing to consider any reasonable EP offer. Will sell one card or all cards. Please PM offers. I will respond to all offers. Cheers.

User Info: PF1900

5 years ago#2
Other cards available. Please PM offers. Accepting EP only.

AA horned phantom tiget lvl 31 and lvl 1
AA sickle leg centipede
AA purple light soruluna times two
AA truthseeker liqui times two
AA harrier mushi
A+ crystal dragon lvl 70 skill lvl 3
A+ slaughter bee queen lvl 32
A+ elf commander
A death valley serpent lvl 38
A fex the severer lvl 60 skill lvl 3
A skeleton minotaur
A blood blush vanessa
A tiamut
A beheaded lunatic lvl 60 skill lvl 2
A dark elf berserker
A hover striker
A deep dark demon
A naga
A sprout dragon
A uncouth child
A hell scythe mantis times two
A great horned warrior
A chains of dread
A refindd horned fighter
A ancient horned statue
4-5 souls of enlightenment
27 additional b+ or b skill cards

Look forward to offers.
(message deleted)
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