Selling cards; my deck is full

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User Info: chaosdefender

5 years ago#1
Hello. I'm almost at my max deck space and need to sell off cards. Mainly just looking for EP for now. Here's what's on my list. All are level 1 unless specified. Prices are negotiable.

Impulse (red):
Blood blob, 1EP
Blood blob +, Lv9, Slumbering Breath 4, 3EP
Pabilsag, 1EP
Child of Pit, 1EP
Cruel Black Wings +, 2EP
Beelzebub, 1EP
Crimson Lion Guardian, 2EP
Flaming Death Wheels, 2EP

Covert (green):
Hell Scythe Mantis(2), 1EP
Refiend Horned Fighter, 1EP
Naga, 1EP
Grieving Mandrake lv 16, 1EP

Child of Purification (2), 1EP
Child of Purification+, lv21, 2EP
Tiamat, 1EP
Catoblepas, 1EP
Beheaded Lunatic 2EP,
Elf Commander, 1EP

IGN:ChaosX, 1878329289

Off to bed but I'll try to check messages in the morning. Cheers!
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  3. Selling cards; my deck is full

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