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User Info: Xenogearj

5 years ago#11
Hey you guuuuuuyss!

I'm reporting back with an almost complete covert mystic team :) Here's what I have so far:

Underdark Dvergr+
Renegade Aruraune+
Fairy Doyen Tita+
Dancing Fairy+

Now, I have one Enchanting Alraune. If you evolve an Enchanting Alraune then it becomes a Glamorous Alraune, and that's the only thing I'm missing (another Enchanting Alraune)

If any of you guys have or know someone that will sell it dirt cheap then please let me know, I needs it.

Ps. I didn't realize how hideous Renegade Aruraune was till now...

Pss. It's obvious that the mystic formation is lacking agility, so what, besides a Dancing Fairy (brute down) would be a good 5th mystic in the mix???

TL;DR - I need an Enchanting Alraune
Dark Summoner ID: 1754907860
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