How do you get a 'barrier' item?

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  3. How do you get a 'barrier' item?

User Info: ahgsa

5 years ago#1
I've had several people suggest to use a barrier item when fighting the ice demon, I have no such item in my store. Where do you get it from?

User Info: ColbyRasmus

5 years ago#2
I'm not very far, but I've found it in the store as well as in a treasure chest in the secret room in Digitoll Floor 4.
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User Info: SapphireOfChaos

5 years ago#3
It should be in your store by then, but if not, you can always instead opt for an Invincible Denpa and have him with speed gear to make him go first and use his own skill to makes your guys invincible, though his skill isn't party-wide until Lv50, so that may be beyond your reach for now. Barriers are also really expensive for expendable items. I just say grind some power attackers to about level 40+ and hit him with Fire Bracelets on with a Great Rage All in your group too. IIRC, he'll waste one of his turns changing phases anyways, and his HP is only around 4700 or something. Three turns tops that way.
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User Info: badboy

5 years ago#4
It comes up on the store but not all the time. When I had to face the Ice Demon, it was not for sale.
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  3. How do you get a 'barrier' item?

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