How to defend against breaths?

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User Info: badboy

5 years ago#1
All breath attacks are very strong and they do massive damage on the party, killing some of them. The Ice Dragon does both fire and ice breaths. Anyway to weaken these attacks? I already have Ice clothes.

User Info: Plasma EXE

Plasma EXE
5 years ago#2
Complete resistance to elemental spells (+4) will completely negate the damage. 3 might be fine, but the status ailments they cause are very annoying. You could be overleveled and the moves will still do a lot of damage if you don't have any resistance. If you have an ice denpa, just giving them an ice amulet will completely negate the ice moves (though fire will be a problem if they're weak against it).

Can also try using Wall (all) or Insult(all), or attempt to paralyze them (get a haste user if you're slower than them so you can kill them or try to stun them again the next turn before they get to attack you a second time).
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User Info: IAznDragonI Yan

IAznDragonI Yan
5 years ago#3
carry 1-3 antenna-less denpa. why? they have huge hp and pretty good defense. they will help you survive. you could wear clothes that help against fire and wear ice amulets and vice versa. you could also power level.

but remember, always bring the correct colored denpa men to a dungeon. if the dungeon is a ice dungeon, obviously bring denpa men with fire attacks (do not bring green ones), and bring ice denpa for protection. dangerous. What you need now isn't friendship - it's ruthlessness
- Tachibana
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  3. How to defend against breaths?

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