Recommended party for (SPOILERS)?

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User Info: Rakansen

5 years ago#1
Crater Hole?

I don't know the Golden Ham's or any other monster'
s weakness.....

User Info: dancingbears

5 years ago#2
Here's the Japanese wiki's list of every monster:

Looks like the Golden Ham doesn't have a weakness. There's a wide variety of enemy weaknesses, too, but ice seems to be the most important.

User Info: Plasma EXE

Plasma EXE
5 years ago#3
Kinda just got there when I was around 4 levels underleveled. Definitely try to get around 3-4 denpamen with mud stream and a denpamen with Paralysis (all) and Great Haste (all) (or the debuff if you only have that). Make sure the paralysis user is faster than the mobs in that place (give him Speed Socks+ so that he goes first) and you can avoid taking a lot of damage and make them unable to do anything for 3 turns. You almost always get at least 1 enemy paralyzed and commonly 2 or more except for the shock stingray thing in the second room and most of the enemies are weak to water (except that golden ham and stingray).

For the enemies that don't get paralyzed, you can outspeed them the next turn and kill them with spells before they get to move again.
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User Info: badboy

5 years ago#4
Which cloth type?

User Info: j_darrell

5 years ago#5
Something that attacks all of the enemies (such as paralysis or an elemental spell) and enough spells to take out the ghosts. I ran away from the Golden Ham fights because I couldn't kill them in one round and they would summon air dragons that messed up my party. It's a short dungeon, at the end of the first room there's a healing fountain, and you'll find the warp point in the second room fast if you take the top left path. The boss uses a lot of melee attacks so no real strategy needed there.

User Info: Gipig

5 years ago#6
You'll want a mix of Water and Ice attacks. With the exception of Golden Ham, which has no weaknesses, all of the dungeon is weak to one or the other. Be careful, however: Golden Hams and Air Dragons take reduced damage from water attacks, while Torch Ghosts are immune to ice attacks.

The enemies use a mix of fire, earth, and wind attacks. Golden Ham even has a water attack. I didn't find the earth damage particularly troubling, as the Corn and Rams are easily dispatched, and the Cactus Claws only have single-target attacks. The wind and fire attacks are mostly AoE and hurt, so I would make sure, at the very least, to cover up any weaknesses to them.

You will want to stock up on Holy Waters to take care of the Torch Ghosts.

If you want to make it through the dungeon and fight the boss, I recommend running away from fights with Golden Hams. However, if you want to get experience and money, give fighting them a shot. For me, I was able to wipe out whatever they summoned before it could act, as well as do a little damage to the Golden Ham, so I had many fights with them end with me receiving 50,000+ experience and 9,000+ gold.

As a bit of general advice, I would recommend retiring any Full Healers you have and instead bringing a fast, sturdy utility Denpa in its place. Stock up on Full Heal Potions so it can still preform the same job as a Full Heal Denpa. Personally, I have a Great Insult (All) Denpa that is stacked with speed. It always goes first, so I can use it to heal, throw a Holy Water, or debuff the enemy, and it's a little less prone to dying.

My team for the dungeon was:
Hero - Ice
Hot Blanket* - Light - Equipped with Ice Bracelet
No Antenna - Light - Equipped with Water Bracelet
No Antenna - Fire - Equipped with Water Bracelet
Ice Missile - Fire
Island Destroyer - Earth
Great Insult (All) - None
Crystal - Earth

*No, Hot Blanket isn't useful for the dungeon. However, the Denpa with it has the same name as me, so I've been using him since the second Dungeon.
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